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  • hey, i accidentally tagged you wrong in the pu open thread, just posting here to give you an alert
    Thanks for the heads up!
    ubers open r1, im gmt +8, 10pm on wkdays and more flexible on wkends, wheb do you want to play?
    Hey, I'm online now as BenXxX. PM when you're online.
    oh f i was busy with some stuff, can thursday / friday work for you?
    That's alright. Thursday would be better for me.
    Same time suit you?
    Hey, we play for the uu open. I can play pretty much any time, but I'd prefer to get this done sooner rather than later, if your schedule allows it. So, does around noon (I believe 5 in Galway) tomorrow sound good for you? If not, just tell me what time you can do and I'm sure we'll work this out.
    Ok, I have a team on PO2. I'll be on the main PO server as Biosci. See you on.
    Ugh it doesn't look like I can connect to PS. I'm gonna try something, hopefully it works...

    If I do get on PS, my name will be Biosci
    Just letting you know, I'm free for the 5 hours to get this done. Message me when you get online
    Saturday can work for me just fine, how does the same time we scheduled for Monday sound?
    I just wanna try and get this done asap so I can focus on school work until next round. How about tomorrow same time?

    btw, what time is it there for you now?
    Well it looks like we can still battle now, but we can't post our results until the predictions tourney is all submitted.

    Are you still fine with playing now?
    Ok, how about 9 am my time 11/27(Tomorrow or Today for you I guess lol)? I'm GMT -10 btw
    Hey, we're paired up for the Official Smogon Tourney. When would be good times for you to play? Looking at your location, seems we have a bit of a time difference of about 12 hours. I can make myself free around 8 am to Noon or 8 pm to Midnight my time to get this done. So yea just message me a time and day that's fine with you.
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