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  • A few alternatives are Chandelure and Rotom H. Swap T-tar's moveset around and make Chandelure Anti-lead with Acid Armor/WoW/Pain Split/STAB Move, although I don't know the EV spread we'd use, and it would probably be Timid with Flame Body or something. Rotom H could have Hex/Overheat/WoW/X, although that's only an option if forms can be used over Wifi without an AR code.
    Well, you've been testing out the team more, so it's your call right now. We could always run Careful and Fire Punch on the T-tar, and put some speed investment. And yeah, Sableye sounds worth testing. Definitely WoW, but I think that Knock Off/Trick would also have uses. With all the Evo Stone Pokemon, and those that like the Leftovers recovery, I think it should be tried.
    It's fine, I have the Randerosu. =P But really, it's ok, stuff IRL is more important than Pokemon. And considering that we just slapped it together, I'm surprised that it worked that well. xD Especially since it was such a joke at first... We should Skype about it again, that was so fun. ;P
    i didnt dc god damn it, my connection must be messed up i got a connection error..l why would i dc right when i hit your salamence with a mach punch?
    sorry let me just re add your fc it usually fixes the issue im heading on wifi now
    great game. awesome prediction with hp fire. I was hoping you'd go to krookodile when I surfed. also was mence scarfed, or does jolly mence just outspeed modest latios?
    yeah that would have screwed over my team unless I got sandveil hax. that would be awsome if it went on youtube. would you mind putting my channel in the description?
    shit, if excadrill hadn't gotten the burn I could have ko'd vaporeon and had chomp left. anyways hax are hax, just glad to battle you as I have seen you on youtube.
    We can have a regular rematch then, if you would like. We can't replicate some of the stuff that happened (like the crit I got that turned things in my favor), but we can just battle again.
    We were too far into the match to do the same moves.
    That d/c just seemed all too convenient for you though...
    ok, nice team ... although if i'd gotten one or two dragon dances up when my dusknoir was dead then maybe i would have won ;) cuz then you wouldnt been able to touch dragonite with your skarmory

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