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  • oh shoot! wait are you still there? i'm about to battle someone but i can put that on hold for this trade
    Well the thing with delays is that if it's a bigger number, you jut have to let the Emulator run for a bit longer, so I don't think you should have a problem with it ;) If you need any help with delays then you can ask me, but for now I'm goin to school Dx See ya!
    OK, so I found these ones. Tell me which one you want ;)

    PID: D8457C7E (Timid, ability 0), IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/30, seed: 3417066D, delay: 1634 (year: 2011), method 1: 41, J (synch): None, J (no synch): None, HP: Ice 70
    PID: 2DC21A19 (Timid, ability 1), IVs: 30/31/30/31/31/31, seed: 070512F4, delay: 4841 (year: 2011), method 1: 376, J (synch): 359, J (no synch): None, HP: Ice 70
    You don't understand how much I hate giveaway stalkers. They literally VM spam you and spam your thread, but are never on. And when they come on, its like the worst time. And btw if you ever need a parent for breeding or something, feel free to VM me.
    I'm thinking of doing DW Abra as my next bp. And yeah giveaways ARE THE WORST IDEA EVER. Remember my giveaway of Clampearl? I still get pms asking for it -_-
    I just breed stuff that I like or VGC stuff, which is my main interest. Plus I get bored as hell sometimes, so I get multiple breeds per day.
    Actually I meant 2 clones of the Taillow and Sableye and 1 of the Shellder but this is fine for now.
    Lol I have a mac so I had to find the one person on this site with PPRNG and learn from them. It took like 4 hours until I finally hatched my first flawless shiny. From like July 15thish to now, I've RNG bred 108 pokemon, so at least I got good at it :3
    I had julios teach me. I learned breeding in like a day. I can't capture for shit though lol.
    Yeah and speaking of breeding, I'm really impressed with how quick you got RNG breeding down.
    lol. well if you ever need something specific from 4th gen I might be of assistance :)
    at this rate you will RNG-abuse pretty much every single competitive pokemon set in no time lol
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