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  • It makes finding a seed a LOT easier but it can make finding your starting frame a lot more frustrating since it makes so many frames look the same (even when you miss your seed). I prefer waiting and having an simpler abuse to getting my seed quickly and wrestling with the starting frame. Just personal preference. I'm glad you're figuring out what works best for you. :)
    A LOT of cunning. In the early days I was lucky enough to have my ds lose power over night cause Id often fall asleep playing it and wake up with an open dead DS.
    I never really got to play before HG cuz my parents banned (and still ban) pokemon. On day I decided to play it on the sly. Bought my own game and was successful at keeping the secret. Still am.
    Great. I just work with what I have. The actual reason I took up RNG was that I discovered it on accident and used it to gain a competitive edge over my friend who was much better than me.
    Blah, sorry I'm delaying with it. I'm having very little time for myself lately. I'll get to it when I can.
    Oh its probably gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I'm not home right now, so sorry man.
    Oh I thought the message sent. It was meant to say sorry man, I can't trade at the moment. But can you trade later?
    Don't worry, I won't trade it. The Dusclops is named 'Tenebra' and comes Ev'ed at Level 100 with 252HP/80Def/176Sp.def. I only have one copy of it atm, so I'll have to get it cloned. Is that alright? Feel free to put it in your thread if you want.
    GL, not being annoying am I? If they're done by next weekend - I'll pick them both up. Also my TT should be complete so you'll be able to choose 3, + an extra for semi red is rights on Daveyjones
    Hey Biosci. I've been looking for a good Shiny Sableye recently and I've just seen your recent RNG. I don't have a trade thread, but is there anything you would want for it? I can offer my XD Dragonite, 31/31/31/31/31/29 Sassy T-tar, my 31/X/31/X/31/X Sassy Dusclops with Pain Split, and a bit more. Sorry if I'm wasting your time.
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