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  • Oh! Sorry! This is my fault. I'm not feeling at all well and got confused. I'll be back on to give you the breloom. This is the poke I give for a credit later. I hope you won't be upset with me. I have trouble with concentration sometimes.
    It's definitely a 4th gen image.

    edit: going in and out of wifi in case of glitches.
    I don't see Urugamosu on that last trade. It's a 4th gen butterfly poke.
    EVd please. I can't get any codes to work here, so I can't check my darned EVs. I'll be on wifi shortly.
    Ok. Well, I'd like your two available Isshu pokes for sure. And can I have a credit for the remaining trade for when you get another Isshu poke? edit: on your trade thread.
    Hi, I'm not sure how your trade thread works. Do I choose only the pokes you have or are you also able to distribute your partner's pokes as well?
    Heya dood. How's it going man? Sorry I didn't respond right away from your PM. I was away at my friends house. I'm okay with battling Thursday because I may not be here Friday to battle with you. Too bad we can't do the team help since we both are opponents. I guess I'll have to work on it on my own and figure out an effective team to battle with. Haha are you ready for the battle Thursday or are you just as nervous as I am?

    Also would you happen to know where I can get a modest magnetpull hp fire magnemite?im in dire need of one :/.
    Hey dude. Just wanted to let you know your clefairy are ready for pick up. Shoot me a VM when you can pick them up okay? :)
    Lol I wish I could use Irc but mycomputer is currently out of service :(. Is there a messenger program you can use like AIM to chat? :P
    By the way, is it possible that I can get your help with thinking of a new team of UU/NU pokes to try out so that I can use it in the tourney? It really doesn't bother me too much if you know the team and we end up being opponents xD. I'm trying to build a team around swellow and registeel or swellow and rhyperior. :X
    Lol I didn't forget. I just forgot to bring an extra fodder and I was rushing to meet you on wifi. I'm on my way back online now.
    Hey bitterlemon. What's going on dood? Hope all is well :)

    I was wondering if I may ev train for your jolly belly drum clefable, your adamant altaria and maybe for the Modest HP ground Porygon? :)
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