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  • BLA Thanks for the game. Maybe you can hit me up via smogon pm if your looking for good nu battle. It mean a lot to see this battle on youtube. oh yeah that combusken was fucked up i forgot to put baton pass on it .See ya next time. =) Troytoy
    hi blacklightattack I love your vids and i was just wondering when part 1 of your platinum nuzlocke was going up on TGN
    Me again, I really do apologize, it was just a mistake, I promise you I wasn't at fault, i would never DC on a person. I try really hard to adhere to civility on all gaming mediums, and I'd hate for you to have a bad opinion of me. Hit me up, I hope we can sort everything out!
    Hey man, I was the hour long Sigilyph/Slowking/Weezing/Drapion stall guy, I'm sorry about that dc, wi fi just conked out. It was an awesome battle, sorry you couldn't record it. But we should fight again sometime!
    Seen some of your LP's on LPmoshpit. Though I was going to battle you, I don't have a NU team.
    GG dude. I'll be uploading to youtube in the next week :D Did you think my Sawk was scalfed?
    Hi, i just wanted to say i love your youtube videos, i would comment but i dont have a tube account, best of luck on your next vid
    Oak is the NPC with the most time devoted to him in my sega (Kanto to Sinnoh), and by the times he's done he's done quite a lot of interesting things...
    I don't mind E4 grinding, but that's really not an option right now. I used to grind when I was a lot younger, and I actually had competition from others. I might get the E4 sequence done by the end of November right now, but until then, I get to grind about thirty levels on two Pokemon, and about twenty on two others...
    I'm spending a lot of time just formulating plots now, in the lull of having to think up any Kanto stories. I realized that I might have to think up a ruleset foe an Orre Nuzlocke, and do that as well just for fun, and because it has access to Mt. Battle grinding, which I actually enjoy. The problem is, is that the XD and colleseum plots are way to developed to actually change significantly.
    Thinking over my deaths... I got lucky for the sake of the story, as my first death was in a rival battle, my second to a gym leader... and then my stupid Doduo got killed by a crit. This Nuzlocke has really made me love Vaporeon. I would never have the patience to train up a reanimated fossil- training Hitmonchan twenty-three levels is almost impossible with my patience.
    I'm still in high school, so I have a bit of time on my hands... and a few breaks between now and the first. I actually find writing easier than power leveling for the league, which I am hating more and more by the minute... I don't have anything with fly, which is really annoying when trying to run around Kanto training, getting TM's etc.
    Also, I've had Media get a crit, taking it to one hp, on two occasions now, which is just scaring me a lot.
    Ah... that explains it. I had been lurking around this forum for a while, and I had seen maybe three Nuzlockes start in the week before I started... and now I saw about five in 24 hours. Anyways, after today's update, I only have a single more remaining. And then fifty hours of power editing...
    Awww. Well, if you get it figured out you can always message me for the TMs. We could always try again another time.
    I still can't see you anywhere D: And you can't connect to me, huh? Does it boot you or does it say I'm busy or what?
    Hey, posting here about giving you EQ and Shadow Ball TMs. You'll need my Platinum FC (5113 4835 8083) and two Pokemon you want to trade. Take your pick; I'm not choosy.
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