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  • Hey blackwing_zero, Aquarius told me to ask for staryu here..the timid shiny one. He owed me a credit, so that's why I'm asking you. Please VM me when you're on.
    I thank you too for your help with rng and all that and I really hope we can trade again when B/W are out=) I'll call you when I'm able to trade again;) thx for everything
    Sorry there's nothing you can do=( I can't come onto wifi cause I don't have anymore DS left:( You know I was going to visit a friend in Bern and I took my D¨S lite and my DSi with me in my bag. And in the train I slept in and as I woke up someone had stolen my bag =((( Also my Platinum and my Heartgold were stolen. The only editions that I have left are my Advance and my japanese Platinum. Now I have to save my money to buy a new DS=(
    hey I've got bad news:( I was in the train today and I slept and while I was sleeping someone stole my bag with my ds lite and my dsi in it :( that means I can't trade till I have enough money to buy me a new ds lite/dsi :( I guess that's sometime in October or November :( sorry but I must close down my part of the trade thread:(
    sorry =( I'm pretty busy with rng&battles but if you wanna talk I can talk with you :O;)
    bb;) is it ok if I put the beldum in my part?=O so I could update with 2 pokemon=O I'll make therefore 2 bp for you=O
    never mind;) is it ok if I come on to clone it as soon as I checked feebas/milotic?
    I know something you could breed=D naughty shiny metagross 31/30/31/30/31/30 hp fire 70 xP
    shiny blissey bold 31/x/31/x/31/31 with seismic toss and aromatherapy is now on our wanted list D:
    ralts<3 hey is it possible to do shiny blissey bold with aromatherapy&seismic toss?=O
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