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  • Hey you use shoddybattle?Or do you play normal competitve?You seem to be really popular in the forums..and the tutor program for smogon is way off time to me...I wanted someone to teach me....wether you accept or not please do post on my profile x)
    Hi do you still have a copy of my Uxie that you traded?
    I wondered when your free if you could trade me a copy back as someone stole mine when theys aid they would ev train it :(
    Hmm... I was wondering if I could get these two guys off of you with my last credits ^_^ I know you're not on as often anymore, but I figured I'd post a message anywasy~


    That's perfectly fine. I'll see you later.
    (Fyi, when my house gets a phone call, it shuts off wifi xD That's what happened the second time ahaha- thanks for getting me one of them so far tho =D)
    Wifi is doing this glitchy thing where it automatically cancels trades. Its happened to me once before 0_o;
    Oh, that's perfectly fine. Don't worry about it- just got over sickness myself =P I can trade tonight. Having an IV battle with Biaj but then I'll be good to go =)
    I'm in the middle of an RNG project right now. I should be able to trade tomorrow though.
    sick?? hope your ok
    No i meant i just saw you on now and wondered if you were free. I understand people are busy :) but yeah ill come on now
    Oh, lol. Well, see you on with both. I only have the shiny version, is that the one you wanted?
    Hmm, same thing, weird. I don't know what is going on (I've quadruple checked your code now). I guess we'll have to try later?
    I added your code again, but I don't see you online. Maybe we should wait until another time. This being the second time I failed to connect with someone, there must be something wrong with wifi. I was able to complete a battle without any trouble though. I don't understand why trades are causing difficulty.
    Hmm... I'll re-add you and see if that helps. You're definitely registered on my roster.
    I'm online, but I don't see you. I assume you don't see me either? Christian and I were having this problem earlier today. I don't know what the problem is =/
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