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  • No I don't use codes for capturing. I just keep throwing balls untill it stays in or it struggles so I have to start over. At least 100 Luxury Balls for all my Rayquaza's xD
    I can teach you capturing and breeding in HG and I can teach you capturing in Pt if you like? Or did you ask for a Groudon because you cannot get that in HG and Pt?
    nah, don't need anything in return.

    you don't mind if I emu abuse it, though, do you?
    Do you happen to have a 4th gen game and an AR? If so, I can teach you how to RNG abuse on 4th gen if you'd like
    Ah no you don't have to rush it, but if it takes like 2 weeks that would be fine :)
    No I don't have one, and since I'm back to school, I don't think I'll have time to do that. :(

    Well I just mailed the saved file to the address you PM'd me. When do you think you can finish it?
    Yes sir. Please PM me your email address so I can mail it to you. I had to pick a starter already, because I needed the SID so I could check where my shiny frames were.

    Anyway, I can give you all those mons I listed earlier if you'd like :) Let me know
    I'm PMing you there. But give me 20 minutes, I need to go buy something really quick
    Sure thing dude, just got the .sav, so I'll check it out myself first, and then I'll send it to you
    The Fully redis Pokémon that I've got are:

    Flawless Jirachi, which is RNG abused by Lord Scalgon
    Newts Shiny Sceptile, Timid flawless HP Ice
    acetrainerzx Shiny Timid Gardevoir, flawless HP Ice
    Fenix Shiny Adamant flawless Gallade
    Akira's Shiny Jolly flawless Garchomp with Outrage
    Enosh Shiny Adamant flawless Aggron with Head smash
    acetrainerzx Shiny Rash flawless Dragonite
    MattJ's Shiny Relaxed Slowbro Flawless HP Electric
    Blade's flawless HP Ice Timid Gengar
    acetrainerzx Timid HP Fire Shiny Butterfree
    3x Oblivia Heatran Quiet, RNG abused by Lord Scalgon
    acetrainerzx Adamant Shiny flawless Donphan

    If you want those, you can trade them to whoever you want. ^^

    And besides the stationaries/legendaries there are no restrictions, the starter, party, nicknames, I don't care really :p
    Great ^^ Then we only need to check what you want in return? I do have a few Fully Redis Pokémon left, if you want? Or do you want something from my thread, which you cannot trade?
    Well I'll be getting that saved file, right after I obtained the ID. So I don't have any Pokémon yet. What I need you to do is to collect all the 16 badges, defeat the E4 and make sure all the legendary and stationary Pokémon (except Sudowoodo) are still there. Could you do that?

    DarkChaos (HCZ) is going to RNG abuse a HG saved file for me, which I can play on my flashcart or emulator. Do you have an emulator with UK/US Heart Gold?
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