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  • Uuhm yes sure but hold on some mins, because I wass battling with someone but his wifi seems to be destroyed lol..
    Yeah but don't base your team on my performance XD I'm not that good remember?
    Nah, I thought it only lasted 5 turns after they left...I think it did in the GBA ones didn't it? I haven't used Kyogre in so long anyway XD...I might make a hail team...Sounds...Sharp...Also yeah that Gardevoir was pwn!
    Ok so wait a minute...If a Pokemon that causes a certain weather effect is in battle (eg. Hippopotas), I thought the weather effect ended five turns after it switched out...This sandstorm hasn't so does that mean that it wont until a dif weather effect comes into play? (Just formulated an epic team plan)
    XD yeah I know, I use a Cradily with Sandstorm to set up my other Pokemon (Like Aggron and Skarmory and stuff)...
    Also sorry about the Starmie, I know it's OU...I just had it with me from my battle frontier battle .-.
    =P I just started a battle frontier with someone...But here I'll make you a deal...I'll keep you in my pad and if we both log on at some time we can battle then, hows that sound? I really need people who log on often in my pad to battle randomly when I'm in the battle mood XD
    You're still not there o.o...Try mine again, if not then you should relog...That might work...Sorry >_>
    Great, sounds good...I must warn you my team I'm newer to competitive battle >_>
    Wow nice battle haha lucky crit though xP i was positive my dragonnite could take 1 hit hha
    Ok I'll add you. Also are you on often? I want to start logging on randomly looking for battles and I'm trying to add people who log on often...Also mind if I use one OU? You can too if you want...(I only have one EVed water type and it's an OU...I plan on training a lanturn too...)...
    do you want to battle? i got your fc just add mine in the thread and go in? cristiano dced on me
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