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  • Creo que si me hablabas en inglés iba a ser más difícil la conversación, por cómo escribiste las últimas dos líneas, jaja.

    A mí me convendría jugar el viernes a la tarde probablemente, alrededor de las 7 y media de tu tiempo, 2:30 del mío si fuera posible. Cualquier cosa te avisaría, porque hoy por ejemplo estuve con problemas de conexión.
    Yo, when do you wanna play for rby tradebacks ? I'm in holiday and can play every day except friday
    Well, I appear to have just missed you for a second time. The deadline is extended until Saturday, though, and I can play after 5 or before 11 then. What will work well for you?
    Hey, sorry, apparently the pairings were wrong and we don't get to play. Good luck anyway, I hope we get to play in the finals.
    Shit...I haven't looked for you much online. As previously stated, my timezone is GMT -7. I can play tomorrow anytime from 11 AM - 4 PM / 9 PM - 12 AM. I could also play on Friday earlier than noon. Which of these times work for you?
    Hey, for some reason Burglars managed to get playoffs and I'm supposed to play against you. I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to get it done over the weekend, so it would be best if we could play during these couple of days. I'm GMT -3, btw.
    You haven't responded to my last VM, but hopefully if you can respond so we can arrange a time for our game, that would be fantastic.
    Hey so we're paired for the Bluewind Sucks at DPP UU Tournament? When are you around to play? My job takes a bit of an erratic schedule but I'm generally around during the daytime and evening, and my timezone is GMT -7.
    Howdy! We gotta play for UUPL. When are you likely to be ok to play? I'm going to be around All day tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, and after 11pm GMT Saturday and Sunday.
    ok, since you apparently don't irc we need to schedule a match. VM me times you are open and I probs will be too.
    We need to battle for the RUPL. I am pretty much on irc if you need to find me, gmt timezone.
    can you play anytime after 12:00 pm tomorrow my time? I'm pretty much free all day Sunday so just let me know
    I can play pretty much whenever this weekend, when are you free?
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