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    Pokémon Zapdos-Galar

    Zapdos is neutral to Rock thanks to its Fighting type.
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    Metagame UU Crown Tundra Speculation (SPOILERS!!)

    How's Regieleki looking? 200 speed is absolutely ridiculous tier but it also has...literally 0 coverage.
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     np: SS UU Stage 5: Change is Gonna Come (Diggersby & Venusaur BANNED)

    I'm finding that while I'm fairly new to this metagame, the biggest problem I've had playing this tier is Kyurem. There's literally 1 switch-in to Specs Kyurem and that's TTar, and while I'm all for giving the guy more use, needing one pokemon to counter another is how you get a Dracovish and...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Alright, what's a good partner to Scarf Gardevoir in this meta now that Cinder's out? Trace is a fun ability and I don't want to completely adhere to the meta, I want to make a team that's got a bit of a unique flair to it.
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    Psychic Terrain Spam with some Trace Garde for extra tech

    Psychic Terrain Spam with some Trace Garde for extra tech
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    SS OU Celebi Sand Team

    Bumping this thread, still want to hear other suggestions for this team, because it feels...somewhat weak in the 1400's, and I'm not sure if it's the team or my playing.
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    SS OU Celebi Sand Team

    Hey, thank you for the rate! I like these suggestions a lot, but one thing I'm a bit nervous about is my team is still awfully weak to Ice types with the loss of Jirachi. Excadrill can definitely outspeed almost every ice type in the tier under sand and kill them with Iron Head, but with these...
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    SS OU Celebi Sand Team

    Hello RMT forums, I'm back with a brand new team I made to celebrate my successful Shiny Celebi hunt in Pokemon Crystal VC! I'd appreciate any help I can get to make this team the best it could be. So let's get started! The Team The Process As I mentioned above, I recently did a full-odds...
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    SS OU Vile-Darm Sun

    I believe you've missed a big point of Vileplume on this team, theotherguytm; Vileplume forms a sort of combo with Darmanitan by sleeping a potential switch-in with Sleep Powder, giving Darm a free switch-in and allowing it to nuke one (or more, if you're lucky) pokemon on the enemy team under...
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    SS OU Vile-Darm Sun

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    SS OU Vile-Darm Sun

    Hello everyone! This is my first RMT ever, so forgive it for not being quite as flashy as most. I wanted to build a Sun team around one of my favorite pokemon, Vileplume, and decided to pair it with a new toy we got from HOME, Unovan Darmanitan. This is what I ended up making. The Team...
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    If I may suggest an idea, I kind of want to see where the meta goes if Tapu Lele were to be banned and Pheromosa stays. In theory, if Priority moves become more effective to use because of the lack of Psychic Terrain, wouldn't that make Pheromosa, Greninja, and other really fast but frail mons...
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    Pokémon Lurantis

    It's really sad because it has a great ability and a fairly good movepool, but it has NO moves to use to take advantage of Contrary besides Leaf Storm. Give this thing Superpower and it might be able to find a spot in OU as a bulky sweeper, maybe. Pop an Assault Vest on the thing and watch it go...
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    Pokémon Tsareena

    Let's not forget that Tsareena has a one-time setup move, Z-Splash. It may remove her ability to use an item other than Normalium Z, but that just means she doesn't get hit by Knock Off as hard and can't be Tricked. All in all, I see a lot of interesting options in Tsareena that could allow her...
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    Pokémon Tsareena

    I'm really hoping Tsareena can find her place in OU. Tsareena has my favorite design out of the gen 7 pokemon, though Pheromosa is a close second...however we all know that thing's gonna be banned from OU.