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  • Hello blutrainer, Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many active threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post here.
    Man, I love ScarfTran's sheer power and sweeping capabilities, but it's horrible coverage bugs me. Flamethrower wasn't powerful enough, so I swapped it with Fire Blast. Overheat's Sp Atk drop is pretty painful too. Though, I'm pretty sure that I'll get used to him if I use him more. Thanks!
    hey blu, I don't think Dugtrio will work out. It's attack wasn't as high as I expected, and it's defenses are really horrible. I have yet to try it our for real, but for now I think it's a no go. Thanks for your help, though.
    Gracias por contactarnos con la intención de contribuir al proyecto. Te pedimos que por favor nos envíes a ambos Bloo y Setsuna una introducción de quién eres, qué áreas de Smogon visitas normalmente, y por qué te gustaría contribuir con este proyecto. Después de esto te contactaremos y lo más probable es que también te hagamos llegar una evaluación con tal de medir tu fluidez en el idioma.
    Hi, first of all apologize me for my bad english and delay to respond you, but I have just seeen your message. Anyway, thanks a lot for greeting =P.

    ¡See you!
    I probrably would if I wasn't so stuck on GBU style; that 6v6 format throws me off a lot, not to mention the differing rules :P
    Haha, good luck, I haven't done anything on PO but OU and Challenge Cup; actually, I haven't done much PO at all lately.
    Well don't be influenced by anyone. You see there are a lot people who are trying to mess with it due to jealousy.
    I think you might like my group. We need good battlers like you. I can automatically give you a high position!
    Welcome to the SSIS! We are glad you have chosen to serve with our Agency! Please take the time to fill out an Oath and Recruit Application so that you may be sorted into a position and rank. Try to be as active as possible and make good use of our "Suggestion box" if we aren't meeting your expectations. If you have any more questions, please ask me. Thanks again and we welcome you!

    -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
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