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  • Hello, can you add me to your friend safari, I dont know which one i have im new to this but i really need a chansey with marvel scale jeje, here's my data: FC: 4785 6131 9594 (ElBurro3D) thanks!!!!!!
    Hi Would you mind adding my FC for Safari purpose please ?
    My FC is 2165 - 6488 - 2401 (Mine have Rhydon, Pupitar and Nosepass)

    I see you have a Chansey in your safari, I'm trying to breed a Togepi but it takes ages without a Chansey safari to get the friendship up real fast it would be a real help to me. I already added you I hope you'll add me !! This is my safari 1719-3286-6459 Grass (Sunkern,Petilil,Quilladin) not the best but it has a starter in it.

    Thx in advance

    Gr, Mouseke
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