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  • fake out, mach punch, stone edge, rapid spin. it's not really the revenging thats the problem, it's more having no good switch in, all my pokemon are 2hko'd by psychic :/
    hey man. i tried that team for a bit, but after a few battles i had to leave, then my computer decided to crash so i lost it ._. i made a new team though, and i've been having some great results with it. the team is, omastar lead, my take on mix venu, a mix of technotop and spinner top, CM missy, CB azu and life orb moltres. only problems i've had have been not having a good alakazam/slowbro counter, and hax ._.
    first of all, thanks for all the help :) and, i put registeel in the last spot, for a rock resist and a rocker. it looked solid so i tried it out, and first game i got 6-0'd by offensive hitmontop, and i couldn't touch donphan. so, i've changed veno into venusaur and trying milo > lanturn, as i don't really need the moltres counter because i'm not running CB duggy.
    hey man we're matched up in the tour :) which server shall we battle on? CAP or SU?
    Heeeeeeeeeeey I'll be your friend no problem <3 but ya need more people to sign this thing!
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