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  1. Smogon University PO Statistics — March 2012

    OU Lead Usage Surprising! It's ages i don't see an Azelf, but i expected Donphan to be higher - at least 10%. Landorus, Terrakion and Ferrothorn still stand very high, while my boys (Shaymin and Rhyperior) are only #104 and #109. Will we see any change by June?
  2. Smogon University PO Statistics — January 2012

    Glad to see they're still in great positions. I'm damn happy seeing Tyranitar and Ferrothorn have a -1, while Scizor, Dragonite and Rotom-W will be, imho, in the top3 for many months. These changes really surprise me: A step forward to the overcentralization end?
  3. Inactive Warstory generator development

    Thanks a lot :)
  4. Inactive Warstory generator development

    Nintendo should! I'm having troubles with the warstory maker: i did the steps several times, and nothing was wrong, but this is the second time i get this error: Battle between Billy Pones and klug started! Tier: Wifi OU Rule: Unrated Rule: Sleep Clause Rule: Species Clause Rule...
  5. 5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!

    Reserving Absol, i'll post tomorrow the skeleton
  6. My interesting OU team

    That's not the first time i see Choice Band Ferrothorn, usually people Taunt it, but STAB Gyro Ball + CB can open holes on some teams
  7. VGC '12 Italy National - Milan - April 1st - WON BY --Kasty--!

    ^ Same as above... damn, why isn't it in Rome?
  8. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    I'm looking for something cool but simple, not too elaborated. Thanks in advance to everyone :)
  9. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    Yes, maybe. What about minimum Speed Gliscor? Has 175, only 88 with Macho Brace. It looks cool, and is an amazing check for non-Waterfall Dragonite, Excadrill and Scizor
  10. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    Everyone will abuse of Rain or (but often and) Trick Room, so my team will be fucking slow and with a lot of Thunders. Then, 2 fast sweepers, i guess Salamence and a Steel-type. Who can work? And, there will be a VGC in Rome in 2012?
  11. VGC '12 Locations - Canadian Nationals Announced (Updated March 4th)

    Reading the title i supposed it was a general topic :/ I hope it! On other states (especially USA and Japan) was VGC publicized?
  12. VGC '12 Locations - Canadian Nationals Announced (Updated March 4th)

    Probably there won't be a national in Italy :/ There were about 100 persone at VGC11 on Rome
  13. *StephenJM's*Deep*Ocean*Marketplace* (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION- BUT YOU CAN POST))

    CMT for Rayquaza, has HP Electric?
  14. Dracomaster's Trade Thread

    CMT for Bouffalant ^^
  15. H&H Trades: A Hozu and hockeyguy605 Joint Trade Thread

    That BP isn't difficult... i pass you a cheat parent flawless with moves, you only have to do nature, IVs and shinyness ;) If is ok for you, i send you for pm what i need