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  • Yeah I'll be on then I guess. Oh and it isn't 8am right now, I tried finding you at 8am my time and you weren't on. It's 10am right now
    I would be available at 6pm your time tomorrow, but after that it would have to be a later time for me.
    Can you battle like an hour earlier? There's the live tourney going on at that time.
    Yeah sure, but don't forget to mention the rules are slightly different then. People will otherwise certainly comment on the fact you're using a "banned poke".
    Sounds great. I specially like SubDisable Gengar. So underused...

    But what about Bronzong? Should we go for an offensive roll or a support one?
    I was actually thinking of Reuniclus over Chandelure, since it covers Breloom's Psychic weakness, and is not only pretty bulky but can also serve as a Special sweeper. In addition to that it is one of the slowest pokémon on the metagame and as access to Trick Room. Besides that, it has access to the Magic Guard ability. That means we don't need to worry with entry hazards or status conditions, which allows it to switch in on a myriade of occassions to safely set Trick Room up
    If you receive three points of infractions you receive "I Could Be Banned" status and lose your avatar and signature until your infraction wears off and you have 2 or fewer points remaining. If you receive 4 points you will be banned until you have 3 or fewer points remaining.

    Infractions are disciplinary measures. You were infracted for "Lurk More" for suggesting that Hyper Beam and Shock Wave for viable moves on Dragonite (which I sincerely hope was a joke). Lurk More is given out to users who need a better understanding of what they are talking about. Consider not posting in DST for a while until you have a better understanding of the meta, or you may be infracted again if you
    make similar posts.
    If you're still interested in doing a BP for me, I'm looking for a:

    skill link

    You can pick 2 pokes from the list I posted earlier as payment.
    Nice! VM me when you can have them finished, I'll let you pick 2 Pokémon from my thread, or just 2 credits for now.
    Well I havent looked into PIPA that much but from what i've mheard it's slightly better than SOPA. It's still bad, but not as bad. Also ok that helps lol
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