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  • Hey :) one of my eggs matches your shiny value, if you could be so kind, would you help me hatch it? 0275-7621-5833 ign melody
    Hey, I have a 5IV Helioptile that matches your shiny value. Could you please hatch it for me if you have time? I can give you a 5IV Vulpix or Helioptile for your time. Cheers :)

    My friend code is 4699-6664-0902 and my in-game name is Mytherin. I've added you already.
    ill be on later today :) ill take the helioptile in return ^^ let me know if you want a nickname
    I'm online right now, although it seems our timezones differ quite a bit. I'd prefer one without a nickname :)
    Thank you so much :) It's really appreciated!
    Hello, One of my egg SV matches your Shiny Value.
    Would you please help me hatch one of my egg please?
    Thank you very much. I have added your friend ID, my friend ID is 4785-5549-8527.

    I was really happy when I saw your Shiny Trainer Value because now my always desired shiny Helioptile is closer to me than it has ever been ;)

    So I would really appreciate your help and would give you at least another 5ivs brother or sister! Deal? ;)

    My Friend-Code is 0946-2253-6124 and you have already been added to my list!

    Best wishes and thanks a lot in advance

    ya that would be great id really appreciate the spit back. I won't be on long tonight, but I should be on most of the day sunday if you don't catch me by then ^^
    ill be on tonight too
    iam on right now if you need a hatch
    i just got my eggs checked and you have a matching SV!!
    i was hoping that you would hatch it for me? :)
    Please let me know!
    My FC is: 4871-4644-8668
    you'll have to wait till I get home around 8 est pm tonight :o
    ill be on now
    I'm sorry, I just found out the Rash HP Ice speed boost Torchic I traded you is hacked. I thought I could trust Tolan with my save file, but he gave me hacked Torchics since he couldn't RNG them. I'm so sorry for trading you a hacked pokemon. I will gladly trade you any 3 pokemon you want to apologize. I realize it may not be enough to win back your trust, but I can only hope you forgive me for this.
    Sure thing^^

    My thread was deleted (well, it's my fault for taking 2 years of vacation from Pokémon) but I'll probably set up one in the future including my most recent gen 5 abuses when I'm done taking care of some issues with college scholarships. I'll be sure to note the credits I owe you and you'll be able to spend them whenever you want.

    As an apology, I'm even willing to take on some requests if you want.
    Yeah you'll have to transfer them manually either in-game or with Pokecheck. I don't think I have 5th Gen copies anyway.
    Geez, that must have been a while ago. What was it that I sent? I'll replace any Mons as needed.
    Nope I don't know at all. I haven't been in the trading circle for a long time. Sorry.
    No but I just saw the new spiderman it was great to me but dont over expect things out of it. Still see it it is truly great
    OMG I completely forgot about this breeding project... Sorry, do you still want it done? If not I can do as many Capture Projects as you want since they're easier than ummmm breathing... Well...
    Lol no I didn't go to VGC and neither am going. Between a band trip, two robotics competitions and Minecon my wallet is empty (And what did have I just spent on Nintendo merch)...
    Hey. If you still remember me, I took up a CP last year.
    I only recently gave up on it because I'm so stubborn... thought you should know!
    Thanks, I don't need the Zapdos anymore though. I went to a vgc back in the fall and didn't do especially well. I'll be going to another next weekend; I think I've finally made a pretty good team, so I am hoping to do better.
    Hi sophies.... A while ago you traded me a Zapdos, and I transferred it to 5th gen without cloning it in my heartgold game first. Now I've realized that I need the Zapdos to know Tailwind, which is a 4th gen tutor move x(

    So I was wondering if you might be able to trade me another copy of it. If you'd like, you could see if I have anything you might want.
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