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  • Yeah, super depressing. Luckily I have most of my artwork online, so I've at least got digital copies of everything...
    My OT was 'Carlos'.
    And yeah, I've been in that same boat...kind of logging in rarely, so that's why my thread ended up getting deleted (Whenever the rules change about listing your methods happened).
    Buuuuuuut. It happens I guess. It's been a while though, hope all is well on your end!
    And nice, I do play the TGC online once in awhile, I have been buying a bunch of noble victories and emerging powers to complete the sets but haven`t in awhile so I have not gotten some online code cards to use :( Im not sure if you can add people on there but my name is Metal3x55. And no problem I really appreciate the patience, Did you attend or going to attend VGC`s?
    Yeah the past year its been very slow, A few years ago this place was packed and always busy, I miss the days where you had to bump your thread, And thanks alot for your patience, I know you wanted Cranidos for along time so thank you! :)
    Okay I am online but cannot see you, And cool hope you come back, The Wi-Fi forum has been so dead the last few months.
    Sorry I have bad Wi-Fi with gen 4 :( It takes me a bunch of tries till I get lucky to connect since my Gen 4 games arent compatible with my router, Only gen 5 on my 3DS seems to work. I will be in shortly.
    Hey sorry about earlier I had to step out and just got home :(, And I found it, My fc is on my profile I haven`t updated my sig, Use my Platinum one please :)

    Also do you have any plans to trade again?
    Yes, Can you give me like 20 minutes? Im just making some lunch and need to find my AR :P
    Nice, I was always a Pokemon TCG collector but I just started getting into it also :), And I should be home by then ^_^
    Sunday sounds perfect! :) Ive been good, Just busy with work and stuff, And yourself?
    Hey Sophies, VM next time we are both on so I can trade ya the dinosaur :D, I'm active again :)
    Yea, my username on there is Dirty Shoes. And it is really glitchy. I havent ran into the rare candy gardevoir glitch yet, but the mewtwo EX and eviolite glitches were annoying.
    Hey, do you play the tcg? I've been playing on ptcgo and I keep seeing a user on there name sophies. Just wondering if it's you?
    No offense, but I'm really not interested in the trade anymore. Since we had arranged it though, I'll send you a PKM of the Deoxys with no NN if I could get your e-mail.
    Hi, Sorry, Had no Wi-Fi for a few months...and it's still not working properly but I can try to trade you Rampardos if you still need it. Sorry again...Hope you still need it for your team :)
    Sophie it's alright.. One of my friend gave one to me. Thanks for replying! :)

    I'm on my 5th badge in my Pokemon Black. Got the game a couple of days ago.
    thanks! the easiest way to predict people is to ask yourself 'what would I do in his shoes?', and finding out what your opponent has to do that with

    I just wanted to ask if you could help me, I wanted to get a Dreamworld Female Poochyena for my new Pokemon Black game.. I just want any regular Dreamworld Poochyena if you have a spare..
    That's good. :)

    It's going just fine. Thank you. But I haven't managed to find a way to get enough time to practice some more during this quarter yet. And I really don't come to smogon as much as I used to now. And I don't think I'm gonna be coming here anymore. :(

    I've retired from smogon and playing pokemon for right now.
    I hate to ask this but do you have any other breed request? That spread was giving me crappy results and stuff. Possibly something flawless? I have a good seed for that. Im not gonna take to much other BP considering your my first :P
    Oh hey sophies

    Its no problem, we can trade whenever.

    The tcg is quite fun! I dont like the most recent cards though (the BW-on ones), but I like this game a lot.
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