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  • yeah I'm not too worried about it, I'll get it when I get it. I just wish I could use the internet here at college instead if having to run up to the local coffee shop...
    sorry I'm at dinner now... boo. If you're still on in a couple hours we can do it then
    I'm only about 12 episodes or so in, just saw a flash of sloth as they mentioned him. I watched FMA the 2003 anime, and I really like the show's pacing but the ending just ruined it for me. I dunno, I'm not a huge anime fan aside from DBZ (but what young man doesnt like DBZ?) and Naruto, but my fiance liked it and I'm watching it with her. I will say, the pacing for FMA was excellent, it felt like they could get through material quickly yet still tell a story. Unlike DBZ or Naruto that have seasons filled with filler... Brotherhood though has been a little too fast paced so far, I think if I hadnt watched FMA it would not be very compelling to watch. I'm hoping it slows down when it gets to the newer content.

    All that aside, when were we going to trade? I'm very forgetful :P
    Alright I'll try to remember... sorry this is taking so long. Also, I just started watching FMA: brotherhood so I recognize your avatar finally heh
    thanks its not me who needs it but a buddy who asked for help. and yeah Im happy to see myself around too its been long overdue hope to see you around maybe I can finally give you the stuff i owe you :P
    Well goodluck to you! I havent really entered any tournament.. I mean I want to but I dont think my pokemon would even pass prelim round if there is one.. I dont have much pokemon with good IVs and all..

    Hey it is nice talkin to you again! I remember the times back when we first met! LOL. Well if you need anythin else just ask me and i'll try to help you as much as I can.

    I'm tryin to complete my Pokedex.. I have 602 so far.. out of 649?
    Well if that is the case I'm keepin this Shaymin. Thanks!
    Oh so its double battle?
    Hey sohpie... Is it alright if I return the Shaymin to you? I saw that uyou have the Timid Shaymin with HP Fire and I would like that one instead of the modest one..

    Whats a VGCS?
    Btw did you see my new FC I changed just now.. Sorry my game is a mess.
    Of course you can always trust me! :)

    I'm finally will be able to get an AR this week! YAY! I can clone again and EV and stuff.
    Sorry.. I have to redo the FC again.. It says my game doesn't match with my DS.. I updated my FC again.. Sorry for the inconvenient..
    Don't worry Sophie I don't trade the pokemon that does not belong to me..
    Oh and if you need any Dream World related stuff you can always count on me!
    Yes you can just trade them on my Platinum FC.. I have the berries ready!
    I never been into Pokemon Cards.. :/

    Btw I'm changin the Pokes I wanted.. Can I get Uxie Impish, Shaymin Modest with HP Fire and Victini Adamant.
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