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  • Yes, but on a retail cart they are insanely difficult. If you have a frame higher than what their starting frame is.
    Emulator, it's easy. Even for high frames.
    You can get ANY spread to be non-shiny simply by not abusing the ID/SID for that PID.
    Your game has access to any spread that you can find through PokeRNG, more often than not it will be non-shiny.
    Since you abused the ID/SID for that Naive Dragon 70 spread, that specific spread can never be non-shiny with that ID/SID combination you have.
    Ah, I found it!

    What do you mean by "the seed you got?"
    The one Pandora's Box gave you?
    If it's Pandora's seed. You don't need it any more. As that seed is only for the ID/SID. It's useless now that you've abused your ID/SID.

    Yuppers, it should be up by the weekend.

    I'll be explaining the calibration later in the guide.
    What PID did you abuse for?
    Whatever PID it was, and any of the other "grouped" spreads will now be shiny when you abuse for them.
    So if you had a PID of 1234ABCD, that had a spread of Adamant 31/31/31/1/31/31. When you'd abuse for that spread, it'd be shiny.
    Honestly, doesn't matter what calibrated delay is set to.
    Try adding another second, see if that helps any.
    Yeah, sorry it was in the first post of the guide. What I sent you was the second post.

    I have different types of abuses in different posts. What the calibrated delay is, is pretty much you doing an ID/SID abuse just going as quick (or as slow as) you'd like. See what delay you get and putting that in there, but 488 is pretty good for a calibrated delay in the timer.

    Since you got above your delay, lower the wanted delay in the timer.
    It should reduce the delay you get. I say reduce it by about 35 delays for now. See what you get, if you are still pretty high above, reduce by increments of 5 from there. Until you get close enough to the desired delay :)
    Although with Desmume, you won't need a timer as you can make a save state right before you get your ID/SID.

    Do you know the memory location of your French HG?
    As if you make a save state as I mentioned towards the bottom of the guide.
    If you don't know it, I'll VM you the way to figure it out.
    You can also give me feedback on what you don't understand, or isn't clear enough, etc.
    So that I can work on those areas as well.
    Currently it is only the guide to DPPt and HGSS ID/SID abuse.
    I'll PM it to you :)

    Proof reading too please!
    Unfortunately, my AR lacks a cord to hook up to the PC, so no .pkm files for me(this makes entering AR codes fun XD), so just let me know when you get your DS back and I'll trade it to you right away :)
    I can offer female DW gligar/slowpoke, a Sassy 31/31/31/31/31/18+ Larvitar (but it would have to be cloned) or a Heal Bell XD Dragonite (Careful nature) with decent IVs. If you mention what you want I'll see if I have it.
    Oh, and if it is in a Gen IV game, that would be great! (So I can tutor it)
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