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  1. Little Cup Creationism

    Oh. I didn't realise the OP was outdated. In that case... Wynaut (Psychic/Fairy) Stats: 110/3/48/3/48/63 Abilities: Shadow Tag Moveset deletions: None There really aren't many ways to buff Wynaut considering that it needs its ability to be viable and you can't give moves here. I believe Wynaut...
  2. Little Cup Creationism

    Lapras (Water/Ice) -> Laprunt (Water/Ice) Stats: 90/70/55/70/80/45 (BST: 410) Abilities: Water Absorb/Shell Armor/Hydration (HA) Moveset deletions: Sheer Cold, Confuse Ray, Giga Impact, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail Laprunt will probably run a lot like it does in standard. It can run a bulky DD set or a...
  3. Break-A-Move

    Unless mentioned, these are additional effects. Iron head: 50% flinch rate, 100BP Air Slash: 50% flinch rate, 100BP, 100% accurate Focus Punch: Normal priority, ignores defense boosts. Skull Bash: No recharge, cannot miss. Jump Kick/High Jump Kick: Hits through protect and detect for double...
  4. Nonsense Theorymons

    1. Stall Normal/Grass Slaking with Horn Leech Stall is to make Slaking competitively viable but not broken because truant is stopped with too much ease. Grass makes no sense and gives slaking plenty of weaknesses to balance out its BST. Physical healing synergises somewhat well with Slaking's...
  5. VoltTurn Mayhem

    Blaziken, Mega Lucario and Darkrai for unban since boosting got nerfed?
  6. The Power Within

    Three sets, including two which could be considered gimmicks --- Linoone @ Sitrus Berry Ability: Gluttony Nature: Adamant EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe IVs: Depends on move of choice - Belly Drum - Extremespeed - Shadow Claw - Close Combat/Earthquake/Sacred Fire Pick your poison. CC for TTar...
  7. Setupmons

    and then you realise ditto is a thing.
  8. Alphability ORAS [Check Post #232]

    There's still Haxorus... or at least there would be if it wasn't banned, Agree with banning Fur Coat. Banning HP/PP and not Fur Coat is enough to make physical offense unviable against stall.
  9. All RBY and GSC moves

    No surfing Pikachu from Gen I?
  10. Hidden Type

    ~100%. It's dead or left with 1HP on entry due to rounding. EDIT: Nope, it's dead either way. There's no division therefore no rounding.
  11. Peakmons

    Prior to Gen V, you could baton pass partial trapping moves like mean look.
  12. Genmons [Playable on rom!]

    I do yes sorry. Sorry meant blue flare/searing shot. I don't know what I was thinking with Dark Void... you're right lol.
  13. Genmons [Playable on rom!]

    Swoobat @ Focus Sash/White Herb Ability: Simple EVs: 32 HP / 252 SpA / 224 Spe Timid Nature - Shell Smash - Stored Power - Secret Sword - Blue Flare/Searing Shot Doesn't appreciate priority, topsy-turvy or Aegislash but is still a threat.
  14. Ladder STABmons (the old one)

    It all comes down to just how powerful that Arceus set is. If it's top tier then people will run specialised pokemon like Giratina to counter it.
  15. Ladder STABmons (the old one)

    Giratina-O walls you unless you run Shadow Ball.