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  • I'm online now, but I have class in like half an hour, so I don't know if we'd be able to get it done, especially if we had to play all three. I'll get back online after class, and at that point, I'll be able to play whenever.
    Alright, that's workable. I'd prefer to do our match on 6 or 7 January, since I'm going out of town tomorrow and will be back by then.
    Smogon Tournament, Round Three! I know we aren't supposed to start yet, but I figured that I'd touch base. I'm GMT-6, and I check back on here pretty often.
    Hi, we're paired up for mini tourney 3. I'm GMT +1. normally online during afternoons and evenings. Hope we get our match done.
    Hey, I'm online now. Do you want to try to do a battle or two on PS?

    Oh, you logged out nvm then.
    Okay, got the computer problems fixed so I should be pretty available. I'm GMT +1, I can't really do it tomorrow but I will update this post with my schedule for the week later. In general, I'm open Thursdays and weekends.

    EDIT: Okay so on Thursdays I have tests and sometimes I don't and the length of which decides when I get home. If I don't have tests I get home around 1:30 PM, if I do it could go all the way to 7:00. This week I have a short easy one so I'm guessing around 4:30 PM. Fridays I get home around 4:00 PM. Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much open all day, except Sunday mornings and Saturday nights, unless I'm doing something special. Let me know what times work for you and we can set something up.
    Just a heads up, I'm your OP in the Smogon Tourny. I'm having some temporary PC problems at the moment but I should be able to hook up with you soon. I'll let you know once this is worked out.
    We're paired for Stat specialization, do you want to play now ? I'm actually on showdown
    Ok I get home at around 5:30 PM EST everyday. From there on I am able to. Now I am in on my phone and can't. Can you please organize a time with me so we don't keep on missing eachother. If I am correct 5:30 should be 11:00 ish your time
    then we have to do it tomorrow since i am going to my parents wedding anniversary party
    Sorry I can't. Sorry if it seems like I am ignoring you by I am actually on my phone. Can we do it latter to tonight? Like 11 PM est
    So you're five hours ahead of me (I'm on GMT - 4), and you're on 11 am - 3 pm my time. The best slots for me would be Tues/Thurs around 2:30-3 my time (7:30-8 yours), or Wednesday 11 am - noon my time (4-5 pm yours)
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