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  • Hey man, I'm at my grandparents atm. I'll be back to check occasionally but from your last activity date it looks like you haven't been on quite yet.
    I totally forgot about our match. :S

    I think I should be free to play tomorrow (Monday) sometime. Are you free then?
    Okay, I'm here this evening, PM me when you're ready (GMT -1), here tomorrow too but not Sunday.
    My cousins are coming on Friday, but atm I'm pretty sure I have nothing to do on Saturday. If something comes up I'll try to tell you (especially since I doubt I can reschedule irl ;;) but I think that works for me! Thanks for the quick response :)
    Hey, we gotta play OU for the Yin-Yang tournament. When would you like to play? I'm GMT -5 and free to make whatever time you need.
    Paired for the single pokemon tour, have to build, GMT +1 most of the time in French Time the night, just tell me your hours and GMT.
    "EDIT: Silent Storm, look at the bottom of the page which you edit your signature, I had the same problem too. :d"

    lol dude I think I just missed you by a split second
    sister had to use computer. I just got on, I'll be on, so whenever you see this just chall me.
    so hey, are you still there? I'll be on the server now. Exactly one hour late, because I time myself like that -_- sorry
    Wow! I wasn't on either. Go us.
    Want to just play tomorrow? I'm currently in the midst of a project and my team is awful anyway because I don't have the guts to go with the team my friend built (XD) so... yeah, let's play tomorrow. I'm free all day so give me your best time and I'll make it. Promise.
    We're to play for Adherence. I'm gmt-4. When do you want to go? I'm free for the next 3 days, pretty much.
    Yeahhhhh I think 10 would have been better if it was just open play and I also have no idea how to play TCG! Maybe some other time.
    Woah, I think they stopped having it all of a sudden... however, tommorrow there is a TCG tournament the same day starting at ten AM. If you want a link to the event calendar, it's here.
    Hey, can you come to the league thing this saturday or are you busy? Just wondering.
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