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Quick to flee


"'Racism doesn't exist anymore, Larry. Why do you always have to focus on race on your show? Just stop.' YOU FIRST."
<+joshe> im a registered sex offender for up to calc 3
<+Steelix> anal is great / <+Steelix> what kind of shit are you into
<nyttyn> and i was sitting on my bathroom half-naked @ 3 am going "why not" / <Pwnegone> y only half naked

Worse and/or less safe-for-work lines can be seen from my profile.
<%Mocirano> jibaku is / <%Mocirano> literally capefeather
<Bobo> I was about to beat horse dick
<+Texas> bbl, watching handjob
<%V4> Naruto is climaxing!
<@Yilx> catch your own female ina love ball
<+Birkal> but his google dick isn't working
<Lue> giovanni pullin out his special pokeballs for red
<~Theorymon> man a gen newscycle that makes me excited about fucking Charizard
<+Reflect_Suicune> i was thining of fucking jellicent for some reason