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    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 8 - Art Poll 4

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    capefeather was last seen: Nov 9, 2015 I should probably use my visits for positive things like...

    capefeather was last seen: Nov 9, 2015 I should probably use my visits for positive things like helping out more with CAP...
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    Canadian Election Thread

    I really doubt that the Liberals will do anything big on electoral reform, especially considering their numbers on seat count and popular vote % are nearly identical to the Conservatives when they won in 2011. The NDP is the only party I can remotely see taking electoral reform seriously. But...
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    Canadian Election Thread

    How ironic, the Conservatives complain about the last election wasting taxpayer money, yet here they are, changing the rules so that they can spend even more. Not even surprising at this point. Anyway, while I'm here, might as well share something. Yesterday I saw two people discussing the...
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    capefeather was last seen: Aug 5, 2015 ...welp

    capefeather was last seen: Aug 5, 2015 ...welp
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    Canadian Election Thread

    This might interest people in the coming... ugh... months. Also I hate this habit I have of relying on links, but this is a very good summary of the Harper government (and it's not even exhaustive). I'd really like to help stop the damage that the Conservatives have inflicted on this country...
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    Serious Automation/mechanization, Efficiency, and People

    People fear-mongering about technology really need a history lesson. (I don't believe that fear-mongering was C.G.P. Grey's intent, if anyone asks.) I'm tired of self-righteous, privileged people blaming technology for all societal ills. If anything is truly the "fault" of technology, it's that...
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    Serious Death Penalty

    Like I implied in my other posts, there is more than one kind of "life in prison". In Canada, first-degree murder automatically gives you 25 years without parole. I've heard that in one or more Scandanavian countries, criminals in government custody are treated pretty humanely, no need for...
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    Serious Death Penalty

    "Life imprisonment" is an extremely general term. All it entails is that someone is in government custody for some maximum length of time allowed by law. This is why I added "in the worst sense of the term". But maybe, judging by the rest of your post, what you really mean is you just really...
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    Policy Review Power Level in ORAS

    Putting aside the whole debate on whether movepool or stat spread impacts more on the balance of a CAP, we might need to adjust our attitude on stats simply because of what we've currently been doing with them. We consistently make Pokemon with BSTs of 540-570, which is an aberration as far as...
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    Serious Death Penalty

    The alternative to the "death penalty" is not "life in prison" in the worst sense of the term. I don't see why governments can't try to remove those other nasty alternatives along with the death penalty itself. I'm not super-familiar with this stuff, but it seemed to me like some places have...
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    Serious Death Penalty

    Killing someone is a huge deal and should only happen if it's overall preferable to everyone involved including the person being killed. Euthanasia is a more obvious example of this, and certain situations when trying to apprehend a criminal can apply as well. I'd like to think that maybe the...
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    Serious The Atheism/Agnosticism thread

    I only brought up debunking supernatural claims to illustrate the broader point that the supernatural is little more than a placeholder explanation. This point is not separate from the scientific discussion, but rather, it is key to why I don't think any meaningful insight will be gained from...
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    Serious Legality of Bestiality

    omg lol, this thread is going nowhere fast... MikeDawg, I at least get your frustration that many people seem to be reducing the issue to one or more unstated assumptions, so I'll try and make this simple: This point is the main problem and a good example of a statement I made in some other...