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  1. Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family

    Here's a followup video that might be worth watching. But, damn. I'm embarrassed as a Missourian. Seriously, what the hell did you shoot the dogs for?! I need more context about the search warrant.
  2. Weekend Welcome, 04/16/2010 - 04/18/2010 - Sports Fandom

    I often find that I can watch and enjoy just about anything. Yeah, I'm big on stuff like American football, college football, college basketball, and the NBA like most sports fans in the U.S. I would assume (baseball and hockey... not so much), but I can just as easily get into golf, tennis...
  3. Aipom (Analysis)*

    Then our damage formula is fucked up because I've done the calculations manually and I keep getting the same results as Dubulous. I'll put in my chicken scratch of quick math that I did in Notepad. It has to do with the rounding. --Brick Break 4 x 75 x 16 / 50 / 11 + 2 x 1.3 x 2 300x16...
  4. (Archive) Pokemon Database Errors Thread

    No, it's right. But thanks to the nature boost, if the IV was 1 point lower, then the Machamp would have lost 2 Attack. TBH, I'm not sure exactly where I was going with that poorly-worded phrase when I said it so... never mind. The point is, there's no issue here. Just make sure you have your...
  5. (Archive) Pokemon Database Errors Thread

    Your Machamp has 385 Attack, not 395. Serebii returns a 22 Attack IV because the maximum Attack is 394. There's no problem here.
  6. Nuzlocke Challenge

    This looks fun; I'll join in. My challenge will be called: Nuzlocke Crystal Hard Mode ('Cause I'm playing on Crystal. Why? I loved Gold and managed to raise an entire team to level 100--something I haven't done on any other game--but it's been a while since I've played it. Also, I've never...
  7. NCAA March Madness 2010

    It helps when the other team is 0/8 from 3 and gives up 13 points off of 10 turnovers. It also helps to take care of the basketball. (3 turnovers, 0 Kentucky points off turnovers) West Virginia better find a way to get it going in the paint, though, if they hope to go to Indy. I don't like...
  8. NCAA March Madness 2010

    There WILL be a 5 seed in the National Championship game. (or even a 6!) Just goes to show you how wide open this season has been.
  9. NCAA March Madness 2010

    I think his mother jinxed him. XD
  10. NCAA March Madness 2010

    Well, Cinderella slippers don't necessarily fit that well after the Sweet 16; Cornell and now St. Mary's have shown that. And I was rooting for Samhan, too. Oh well. The ratings for the Final Four might have tanked if they had made it all the way there. They did when George Mason made their run.
  11. NCAA March Madness 2010

    Last year's Big East Tournament (at least I think it was last year's) had a 6 OT thriller between Syracuse and UConn. This Xavier-Kansas State game is the best one I've seen since. Wow!
  12. Video games with really cool soundtracks

    I'm giving a nod to the works of Tenpei Sato, known mostly for his work on games made by Nippon Ichi. When you put together games with graphics like those and battles that can go on for quite a while, the music better be kickass and Sato does not disappoint, especially with the soundtrack from...
  13. Mega Software Thread

    There's only one thing I'd ever use for ripping images: ImgBurn (Windows/Linux via WINE, Free) Image ripping/burning software. Supports many formats including BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI. Can also burn audio CDs and DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray video discs. Highly configurable.
  14. NCAA March Madness 2010

    More thrills--Michigan State hits a three at the buzzer. With all the Sparta going on in this tournament, it's hard to believe that we've only had TWO game-winning buzzer beaters. And how about them Big Red of Cornell--onward to the Sweet 16 against... Kentucky. Anyone think they have a shot? I...
  15. NCAA March Madness 2010

    And New Mexico's about to go down, too. What kind of Sparta is this??? MOST. UNPREDICTABLE. TOURNAMENT. EVER. It has to be.