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  • Just downloaded v7 and I have to say that Tomahawk is awesome! He feels great to play as. Thanks so much for the newest additions.
    i actually just hit them wih another aqua jet with the timing so that by the time they wake up, they have been hit by another aqua jet. if your were talking about the zap cannon combo, i use a different aqua jet strength depending on the pokemon's hitbox, for example i'd hit arghonauht with medium strength aqua jet where something such as soil i can hit with strong aqua jet. you can use two aqua jets in one combo relatively easily vs syclant, use zap cannon, aqua jet, double team, aqua jet, dive and spark. got this combo from a youtube video, heard it can be done with vitalimar to by using a forward dash.
    if you can get your timing just right you can land multiple aqua jets in a row, but if you time the aqua jet wrong, it'll either get blocked or you'll miss completely if you try to hit them to early, i basically just annoy my opponent to death by spamming B waves, attempting to play a B aqua jet wakeup game, (which looks better on paper than in practice), and using comboes of dive and x-spark to do half decent damage, and my favorite, zap cannon+B/C aqua jet (depends on opponents size)+dive+
    i have seen some videos of professional batcap players, and compared to people like you and filmphym i'm shit at least imo. if anything im pretty good with krillowatt
    oh, also noticed some things that changed with voodoom

    vacuum wave and night slash's button combos were switched

    night slash comes out slightly slower

    im guessing this was to balance out voodoom.
    one thing i found funny was the "hidden" message

    if found please return north,
    bring seasoning.

    typical thing for syclant to write.
    I like your art style, and I think you would be able to breath new air into a stale scene. Too many realistic/ anime games out there, but cap battle is amazing, in terms of animation, style, palette. You have a knack for artistic design.

    If I ever find someone to help with coding I might have a project I'd love for you to work on with me, but I've had no luck so far.
    I have you mean? Nothing to worry about really, I've just been quite busy. That and I don't speak fighter lingo :P
    Random thing that occured to me: What's the highest you can go on a stage without glitching? Like for example Pyroak's Wood Hammer goes pretty high, a mon hit by Krilo's Spark does as well etc.
    Flora is reffing our battle (remember that thing?) so it'd be sweet if you sent her your team and all!
    Yo Cartoons, since Voodoom has got an official release, but you haven't put up the thread yet, can I cor can I not make a thread about Voodoom?
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