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  • the server temporarily down right now for... mysterious reasons. we don't really know why right now - such is one of the problems of leasing a dedicated server. :/
    but we hope to be back online soon!

    and speaking of registration, there isn't a formal registration system in place, but we plan to implement a makeshift one pretty soon. as long as i have your attention, let me know what your in-game username is and i can pre-register you! :v
    I came on at the time i told you but you were offline.Guess we'll have to do this on Monday since i won't be available tomorrow the day being christmas.
    I'm fine with shoddy.I'll be available from 12:00 am to 1:00 pm tomorrow.
    haha man my pleasure. spread the love, it's music like no other.

    I'll just list a bunch of albums as it is obvious music that you need to listen to the whole album to appreciate.

    Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift yr skinny fists like antennas to heaven, F#A#(infinity)
    Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun, Takk, ( )
    Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place, Those Who tell the truth shall die...
    Tortoise - TNT
    God Is An Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright
    Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
    Slint - Spiderland
    Mogwai - Young Team
    My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    The last two arent really "post rock" but they are still great and you should check them out.

    let me know what you like :)
    Well slap me silly, I made an art thread anyways. It's pretty empty now but I'll definitely add more
    Haha maybe later I have important exams coming up during next few weeks. Thanks for the compliment though, really appreciate it :DDD
    hey there, we have to play for the Wyoming Tour round 4. when are you available to play?
    Couldn't battle last time sorry. Anyways, Netbattle is not working for me at the moment. If it stays like this, I'm giving you the win, if I can get it fixed, I'll just PM you for a time.

    Edit: Dropping out, sorry for wasting your time and good luck in round 2!
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