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  • Congrats on winning the Prevo's Art Poll! I'm glad you designed such a cute squid!
    I love what you have so far :) If it's not too much to ask, I'd love it even more if you did add a little cigar, and maybe gave him a smug little smile to go with it. Thanks again for the great work so far though!
    Hey, I know I make a lot of requests of you, but could I get you to do one more drawing for me? I had the sudden urge to draw a Raichu dressed as a 1920's Chicago gangster smoking a cigar, but sadly it's a bit to complicated for me. If you could do that, I'd hugely appreciate it and I'd be sure too credit you for it :3
    Hey, I've been looking for a very specific new avatar and I really liked your art style.

    I was looking for a Dark Arceus, in space looking down at earth. As long as its very clear it's darkceus and the picture has a kind of cold outer space feel that'd be awesome.

    Another option I a kabutops in motion with a stormy sea background.

    Thank you so much of you decide to try and I'd love to give you credit and help get your name out!
    Glad you like the idea. Most think that I think too deeply into things. Maybe you can make some concept art of Pyroak with slightly yellow's grass/hair and present it to someone on the cap-board?
    Well, I'm not complaining as I have no artistic bone in my body. Just giving an honest opinion.

    Also, I have always imagined Embirch's hair to be slightly yellowed due to the fire-like sulfur. Then again, that's another one of my crazy ideas. Haha
    Hmm, well, I'm not lazy, but thanks for the link :P

    Anyway, you are right. It does look much better, though....the feet....they seem rather Elongated.....
    I must say. Your Embirch art (The one laying down) looks pretty cool. To tell the truth, my first thought wasn't "Embirch" but "Digimon" haha

    Great work though ^_^
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