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    Sawk it to me! (Peaked 1513)

    sawk / xatu / houndoom / magneton / blastoise / flygon hi. cool team, rly like the sawk + xatu core as i have experimented with teams with the same basis before. Although, i have some recommendations to help improve your team. the very first immediate threat i see to your team is virizion, as...
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    knock > toxic on mola

    knock > toxic on mola
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    My first RU Team on Showdown

    Steelix / Venusaur / Absol / Hitmonlee / Alomomola / Fletchinder Hi, cool team dude, I like the use of regular Steelix which isn't seen that often but is still viable. I have some changes that could help improve the effectiveness of this team overall. My first change would be running Knock...
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    Fletchinder & Friends!

    Hi, nice team and I agree with all the changes Aldo made above and I have a few more additional changes to help improve the makeup of this team. Fletch / Magneton / Rhyperior / Blastoise / Virizion / Hoopa Because of the prominence of Dugtrio and how it traps 3 Pokemon on your team, (EQ on...
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    [OVERVIEW] Medicham's good offensive typing in Fighting / Psychic and access to powerful moves in High Jump Kick and Zen Headbutt as well as good coverage with moves like Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Bullet Punch make it an excellent physical attacker. It can act as a revenge killer or even a...
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    ORAS RU Reservation Index V3

    taking medicham
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    Demolition Crew (RU Balance)

    Accelgor / Jellicent / Hitmontop / Registeel / Eelektross / Sawk Hi cool offensive-ish team. Nice to see you using some things you don't really see a lot but can work efficiently like Lead Accelgor / Jellicent. Also basing a team around Choice Scarf Sawk is a nice change from the typical Choice...
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    This looks pretty good I would still keep colbur as a slash because it helps lure in Pokemon like Drapion / Sneasel when Gourgeist is at an HP where it normally can't take a knock off and cripple them with burn if you are in a situation where u need them worn down, which can be added to usage...
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    Munchin on some Ladder Points

    hi, creative team based around munchlax however it also hinders you due to not having a solid check to stuff like Fletchinder, while the other Pokemon mentioned in the threatlist can be very problematic, specifically fighting types that aren't handled appropriately by spiritomb like scrafty...
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    Post Tyrantrum Stress Disorder

    Hey, nice team. Aldo made a lot of solid points in his rate that I think would really be beneficial for you to try out. I have some different suggestions that could possibly assist you in improving your team. I have two Pokemon changes and a couple of set changes that I would like to suggest...
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    [OVERVIEW] Drapion is a very prominent Pokemon in the RU metagame, possessing a very nice defensive typing with only one weakness and an immunity to Psychic-type attacks. This typing makes its STAB combination very threatening offensively as well. Furthermore, Drapion can function in a variety...
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    ORAS RU Reservation Index V3

    can I do drapion? ur qc u don't have to ask -o- but yes
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    First RU Team. Open to any and all suggestions

    Flygon / Gallade / Seismitoad / Jolteon / Aerodactyl / Sneasel Hey cool offensive team based around Scarf Flygon. However, I have a few changes to suggest to improve the team. Pokemon Changes- Gallade is a decent mon however the Assault Vest barely has a use in the tier as it is heavily...
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    Glaring Threats

    Hey, Patrick! Nice team and Aldo has already given some solid suggestions. I have one suggestion in regards to your Meloetta and your problem you mentioned at the end with Heavy Hazard Stacking teams that have Sneasel and not letting you get Flygon in safely. Changing Meloetta's set to an...
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    Monotype Monotype Summer Seasonals - Round 1

    won in 2 ggs