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  • Dear mister Chaos, the password email you sent didn't work it said:
    Oops! We ran into some problems.
    Your action could not be confirmed. Please request a new confirmation.

    so can you said another email that works.

    I went to the barber the other day and he said he played pokemon. Then he told me the most recent tournament he was in played with Smogon rules.

    Shit blew my mind but anyway I hope you're making money off this thing and continue being king of the internet
    dont worry: chaos makes sure he profits off of his volunteers and teen-aged-labor.
    Dear mister Chaos, I lost my password can you plz reset it my username is Warrior8210 and my email is <removed> if you need me to tell you the new password just tell me

    Dear mister Chaos. It has come to my attention that when generation 8 of Pokémon is releases Black and White wont be a playable tier anymore in Tour format. Frankly I must say this is retarded. Change this. Thank you very much

    Mr. Sickman Sama
    For the twitter issue on mobile can I post in that little thread or do you want me to pm you?
    post in the thread please! and mention what iphone version you have
    Alright, ftr I can't seem to replicate the problem anymore, but I have an iPhone 7+ currently.
    Hello we Chinese have been unable to connect to the Pokemonshowdon's server for three days.
    Could you check the server?I'll appreciate it.
    when you click on someone's profile, there's messages, likes, and points. what is the purpose of points and why does everyone have 0?
    FiVe YeArS AgO A LiTtLe gIrL WaS RuN OvEr bY ChAoS pOsT ThIs oN A PlAyGrOuNd oR ElSe yOu wIlL Be nExT
    I know this is a dumb question but what coding language did you use to make Smogon lol. Python? C++? Java? :o
    Hey chaos, I was watching the SSBM documentary when I realized there isn't anything akin to that for competitive pokemon. Have you ever thought of making any sort of chronicle of how smogon and PS got to were they are today? I think it would be really cool, especially considering a lot of casual pokemon players (like myself) don't really know a lot of the history around here. Just something to consider :)
    FiVe YeArS AgO A LiTtLe gIrL WaS RuN OvEr bY A PlAyGrOuNd pOsT ThIs oN ChAoS' sMoGoN WaLl oR ElSe yOu wIlL Be nExT
    I was wondering why there is no Pokemon TCG simulator on Showdown. Saw you on Technical Projects and
    You have the answer ?
    I hate saying this, but Chaos, you are rude, ignorant, and you think you’re all that. Many people say “OMG, Chaos, Teh All MIGHTY l33t pwnage of THE pwn-e-ful pwnage of w00t!!111!” Yeah, you’re good at Pokemon. SO FREAKING WHAT? Just because you’re good at game MADE FOR KIDS AROUND 7 YEARS OLD doesn’t mean you can make others feel like ****.
    please add get backer#0509 on discord, i need to discuss some official stuff about tournaments with you
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