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  • after seeing, which is awesome, it got me thinking about where the 'university' part of smogon university came from. i traced it back to spring 2005, when all i could think about was college admissions. it came from an AIM convo with Acura, then used it as the 'backup name' for the NetBattle server whenever it went down and i had to wait for the 'ghost' with the default name to ping off the registry
    ** 4/8/2005 (10:42:53 PM) IM with The Sandlot Boy
    igarvey (11:32:27 PM): brown is in RI
    igarvey (11:32:32 PM): not really fond of going to new england
    igarvey (11:32:40 PM): georgetown is in washington dc
    igarvey (11:32:43 PM): which isnt bad
    The Sandlot Boy (11:33:16 PM): just do porn or something
    igarvey (11:33:19 PM):
    igarvey (11:33:22 PM): Smogon University
    lol this is a great piece of history. thanks for digging it up
    The Amazonian Rainforest
    The Amazonian Rainforest
    Your accounts are almost twenty years old. Jesus.
    Hey, chaos, thanks so much for your sensible input regarding our long-term persistence with the somewhat nonsensical Sleep Clause Mod.

    "Sleep is a fundamentally different mechanic than it was when the clause was added, it should be treated as any other new game mechanic and be available at the start of a generation."

    You said it perfectly. Thank you. And thanks for hosting this community for so many years.
    Chaos, I'd just like to thank you for making this awesome place called Smogon, and I will be on it for a long long time!
    Colonel M
    Colonel M
    Capitalizing the "c" in chaos results in a permaban
    Jerry the great
    Jerry the great
    It's the first thing I said in the sentence, the first word always gets capitalized.
    Lol got banned.
    Heyyy I forgot my password on Pokémon showdown and would like to reset it my username is TerrificMarrow2 if your able to contact me by discord my name is TerrificMarrow2
    Yo we are paired for Random Battles USM for PSPL
    I'm GMT+2
    Let me know when we can play
    Dear mister Chaos, the password email you sent didn't work it said:
    Oops! We ran into some problems.
    Your action could not be confirmed. Please request a new confirmation.

    so can you said another email that works.

    I went to the barber the other day and he said he played pokemon. Then he told me the most recent tournament he was in played with Smogon rules.

    Shit blew my mind but anyway I hope you're making money off this thing and continue being king of the internet
    dont worry: chaos makes sure he profits off of his volunteers and teen-aged-labor.
    Dear mister Chaos, I lost my password can you plz reset it my username is Warrior8210 and my email is <removed> if you need me to tell you the new password just tell me

    Dear mister Chaos. It has come to my attention that when generation 8 of Pokémon is releases Black and White wont be a playable tier anymore in Tour format. Frankly I must say this is retarded. Change this. Thank you very much

    Mr. Sickman Sama
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