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  • Hey, Chase! I'm just about to send my team in for Type Restriction Tourney. How fares your team, and when would be best for you to play?
    Hey Chase! We're paired for the type restrictionj tournament. When would you like to play? I've yet to make/send in my team and am tied up for a few days anyway. Lemme know your timezone and preffered times to play and I'll suggest something :]
    so yeah we are opponents in round 3 of the dpp ou tournament, my timezone is gmt+1 and i'm available most of the weekend, just tell me when you can play and it should work for me.
    Yeah that's right. If something should happen, I can do the same thing every other day (so Friday as well).
    Hello there! I'm GMT -6 and I'll be on mostly in the early afternoon-evening. On Wednesday I'll be home at 2pm so I guess we could do it then?
    I should be free at Friday evening. I have to hand in a big project that morning that I'll spend all of today working on, and I'll probably sleep after that. =p Let's say 9:30 PM this Friday?
    Hey, we're up against each other in SPL. When can you play? I can fit in a game during the evenings (I'm from Sweden, GMT+1) up until Friday, but I will have much more time during the weekend.
    Ok Chase, I'm done with my teams, kinda... For now I'm going to sleep though, so when could you battle tommorow(well today lol)?
    Some minor problems on my side. I lost all of my teams (because I'm stupid and can't pastebin or back up them), so I hope you'll give me something like day or two to try and recreate some of the, create new ones... I'm really sorry about this, Chase. I'll conntact you right after I'm done with my teams. Thank you
    I'm good from January 2nd. I will mostly be on IRC or PS! from about 7-12PM GMT+1
    I have about 30 minutes before I have to leave, so it'd be super if you'd hurry the hell up.
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