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  • Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post here.
    Chidori, just a reminder that you challenged me to a 'yo mama' showdown. I have posted my jest. I suggest that you retaliate soon.
    yeah, it sucks. i can still do wifi though, so im operating off of that. didnt know you had a smogon.
    Umm, can you please explain the roles of the jobs please and thank you sir or madam or whatever.
    Welcome to the SSIS! Thank you for choosing our agency. Please take the time to fill out both the Recruit Application and the Oath of Allegiance in the main group. This is mandatory in order for you to be fully accpeted into the agency.

    If you have any questions please ask me.

    -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
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