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  1. #smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 11 - Zapdos

    Gotchas. And thanks.
  2. #smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 11 - Zapdos

    These threads should be made in a bit more timely manner. I actually would have entered this week if it was made when I looked in this section.
  3. VGC 2015 Viability Rankings - Mark 2

    Been MIA for a bit of time, but I come back to this list. Not too shabs, but I would like to make a few notions: -Raichu for somewhere in B rank: The little rat is a little strong. It's not a champion sweeper, but its new speed tier since X/Y and its movepool makes it a great speedy support...
  4. VGC15 General Metagame Discussion

    Special side is horribly weak, and its still gonna go down to common physical threats like Kanga and Lando-genie-T-nie. Its huge power is a waste due to its typing, but it isn't as bad as Aurorus. Someone could try it, but I don't expect big things popping anytime soon.
  5. VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    1 a) We said the same thing on this bullet, so the next 1 is gonna be the future 1. 1 b) Difference is that Rotom and Talonflame don't share weaknesses at all. Bisharp and Bronzong still are both weak to the same Fire-type Heat Wave, which Char Y and Heatran will gladly take advantage of. The...
  6. VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    1) Mega Cam could easily OHKO a Steel-type without the use of Metal Sound. Metal Sound is probably gonna be for the non-Steel types. 2) Yes, Life Orb/Expert Belt/one-type boosting items are 10X more preferable than Choice Specs in this occasion. The biggest mistake one can make is choicing...
  7. VGC15 General Metagame Discussion

    The reason why it's in the VGC 14 set is because Knock Off wasn't legal. 2 Knock Off attempts vs. 2 Night Slash attempts, and Knock Off does more damage every time since its first hit has a 50% boost, while Night Slash only has 5 base power over a non-boosted Knock Off. Side note: Just drop the...
  8. VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    Shows how much the thing is used. I forgot it could even get Levitate. So I guess you could scratch that. Still not a fan of that pokemon, seeing how so much of the meta currently sends it reeling in pain on a stretcher, but at least Ground-types aren't one of them. That aside: The problem with...
  9. VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    problem: Anywho, a good partner for Dragalge would probably be Gastrodon. Ice Beam takes out Lando and Garchomp while being bulky enough to take on almost any move that isn't Grass...which is its only weakness, anyway. You could also run a slow Inimidate Mawile, or even breed a...
  10. Milotic (VGC 2015)

    I wouldn't use Coil because: 1) You'd take a hit before the defense boost. Defense boosting is best done before a hit, but at the same time, defense boosts that matter tend to be on slow pokes. In other words, the backwards distribution is an issue to defense boosting in many scenarios...unless...
  11. #smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 5 - Heatran

    Heatran is one of the few Fire-types I sincerely needed. I'll be there for it.
  12. #smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 3 - Terrakion Giveaway

    I didn't know we had FIVE rounds. I was reading the chat and thought "Oh, looks like we're done". Sorry about that. <:X Definitely cheated myself out of top cut. I had the plays I wanted to make in my mind, and me being too cowardly to make those plays at the beginning of the match cost me the...
  13. #smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 3 - Terrakion Giveaway

    And I'm in! Hopefully this time I get to actually stay in...-_-
  14. VGC15 General Metagame Discussion

    Togekiss pros: -Avoids EQ -Can hax peeps out with Air Slash -Can support via T.Wave -Can surprise attack via Fire Blast/Aura Sphere/Flamethrower -Much bulkier than Sylveon -Decent Weakness Policy candidate due to its bulk, and with its speed it should proc THEN shoot, which is smart. -Can heal...
  15. VGC 2015 Viability Rankings (B Rank Nominations)

    With that logic Mega Mence and Lando are also A-rank. Just because there's an abundance of counters, doesn't mean it's easily countered, per say. Just means people are using the counters a lot.