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  • well Scarf Terrakion is more of a revenge killing threat (its still good lol)

    but choice band on the other hands , can OKO most of the stuffs unlike choice scarf !

    plus terrakion has enough speed to utlilize a PERFECT choice band set
    sup ! o yea i joined you group c:

    And i like CB terrakion because its power is EXTREMELY powerful & can OKO most threats
    What do you mean interesting? Staraptor is the BIGGEST choice band abuser in the entire game and it is my favorite. Did you even read what I wrote or did you see "blahbalahblahblah staraptor blahblah choice band blahblahblah" ?
    Hey choiceB, I just want y'all to know my favorite Pokemon happens to be one of the biggest choice band abusers. Staraptor is awesome :D
    Hey Choice Band! Welcome and thanks for joining TRC. Make sure to be active in TRC and/or Cipher. I can then add you to our ranks. Once again glad to see you part of us!
    Join Cipher. We are a budding social group with many influential members including but not limited to BattleStar, The Chortler, Baselius, and andy0000 (that's me btw). I will send you an invite. Also, I would appreciate if you joined Team Rocket Corporation as we are allied with them. Finally, please ignore any requests from social group Bald Accountant's Battle Arena or BABA for short. The reason being is that that they seem nice at first but are mainly unhelpful and nooby. Please consider my requests
    Thank you
    I just made it too meet some people on the forums and possibly get some discussion going.
    really I just wanted to get to know some people on the forums, that's the main reason I made the group.
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