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  • Hi ! We are paired for the OST. I'm GMT +1.
    I would rather play tomorrow after the end of the prediction round (if it ends tomorrow), Sunday before 5pm my time, or next Friday/Saturday anytime from 11am to 11pm my time.
    yeah, im back.. after 4pm for you would be after 7 pm for me so that sounds good. vm me when you wanna play
    I'm gmt-3. I could play after the 8th, I'm going out of town for a week so when I get back we should be able to get it done
    Yo lets put a battle together some time when you come on. Just message me on Skype a date to battle. Wanna see if you still got it haha.
    i can't do it this weekend. tonight was really the only night i can do it. you shoulda been there when we scheduled. i was on from 4 hours beforehand.
    Hey man, I just left, I really have something important to do tonight. Lets schedule another time, preferably this weekend.
    aye bro sorry about the confusion but i may need to do a match today pretty soon so when you come on hmu
    How the hell did you do that? You picked the one time I haven't been stalking(/creepy) you all day to post a VM on my wall. Then you go offline. 9.9. I'm on pokemon online just message me there :>
    Hey man you are my opponent for the Official Smogon Tournament #9. My GMT is -6 but I probably won't be available barring now until after Wednesday, which is my last final. I'm not gonna john you, and I don't really care about waiting for the predictions. Just let me know when you can battle, and if I can do it then I will. Thanks, and looking forward to some epic matches.

    P.S. I am jasonpwn fyi.
    ok, monday then, but i cant tonight... the best time for us to play on monday for me would be like 12:00~17:00 (my gmt btw)
    I don't have a specific time to play on, but I'm free a lot these days. Pick the time and I'll try to be there.
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