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  • I'm willing to trade for both for starmie and a timid latias. Also Don't know what the exact stats are but it's good. Also can't trade today.
    It seems to me that you're implying that I hack my pokes, and I strongly resent that. I do not hack, I RNG. There is a huge difference between Pokegen and RNG abuse.
    You posted that you were looking for a flawless physical, defiant, adamant, Pawniard with Sucker Punch. I have one that I RNG'd myself. I can trade if you are able to clone and send like 3 back to me.

    Also - the Timid Lavestra that you are offering - is it flawless special? It's not really worth anything to me otherwise.
    Okay, sure thing =]

    If you're thinking about using the Therian Forme in doubles, then know this: Sand Force boosted Rock Slides and Earthquakes will always be more powerful than those coming from Landorus-T. Landorus-T is, however, the superior choice if you are not using a summoner of sandstorm on your team.
    In fact, he makes a great anti-sand Pokemon b/c of Intimidate, immunity to ground, and EQ for Rock and Steel types.
    Oh no I understand. All the Pokemon I fought with in the last two Wi-Fi tournies were clones of RNGd mons that originated from cartridge games, and battle videos could be uploaded just fine. How about you trade me some random thing for it, go on a quick Wi-Fi battle, and if you're satisfied, you can trade the Salamence. I trust you won't cheat me out of a Pokemon.
    Okay so I'll be going on Wi-Fi now.
    This Landorus was RNGed on my own of the most annoying things I had to do, Timer0 wouldn't stay put.
    It has (well, had) Explosion because it was a part of my VGC team. I replaced it with U-Turn because Explosion is nerfed in power, I found it hard to predict around my opponent using Protect, and UT gives him better coverage and an opportunity to escape a bad match up and still do some damage.
    Okay sorry took me a while to find my charger, the battery was low. Give me your FC and I'll be ready to trade =]
    Oh I was only going to ask for something if you accepted the offer. I would like the Espeon only if it has a DW ability. Otherwise, I'll take the Salamence. My White 2 FC is 1936-8951-7668. Just give me a few minutes to clone the fully trained version. I'll post back with a VM when I'm ready to go on Wi-Fi.
    Hey man, enjoyed our match earlier, we should totally play again. Just wanted to let you know though, that Ferrothorn with both Leech Seed and Stealth Rock is illegal. No big deal, just wanted to let you know. Peace!
    I'm sure it's fine. I don't really care. I'd just suggest not playing with item clause unless you trust the person you're against
    yo sorry we lost connection earlier, i tried to carry on the battle but my dad said no, hope we can battle again =]
    Don't know if you care, but the reporting forum is only for hackers and people who disconnect. Not people who break item clause
    Actually, if you could get a Alomomola with Mirror coat and good IVs, that would be great!
    You can't breed one either? Tentacruel, Cloyster, and Drapion learn Toxic Spikes and can pass it down.
    If you have a 4th gen game, I'd like to get an Omanyte with Toxic Spikes (breeding) & Stealth Rocks (4th gen TM), and I'd like it in 5th gen. If you can't do that, just one with Toxic Spikes in 5th gen would be fine.
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