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  • Hey :) one of my eggs matches your shiny value 93, if you could be so kind, would you help me hatch it? 0275-7621-5833
    I have a ralts egg with your value. I will tip you a 5iv ralts if you help me out. 0302-0232-4237 ign roshi
    Hey could you help me hatch a egg i can offer 5 iv pokemon or shiny pancham my fc is 5043-1993-9707 and my ign is ezio
    Hey there you have a shiny value for one of my eggs. I can give you some pokes / items if you are able to do so. 0361-7166-1377
    I need an egg hatched as well, my fc is 0103-9033-0082, your the only one ive seen with a 1047 sv, please help
    hello, i have an aerodactyl in an egg and i want u to hatch it. my fc is 3995-6946-4006 please message me back and we'll get in a conversation
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