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  • Since I use ROMs for trading I can mix a japanese .sav file with an E/US version thus giving me the game the option to nickname with the 10 name limit :)
    dang, I arrived to a place where I can use wi-fi and i don't find you online >_<' well I'll be back again in a couple of hours

    EDIT: I also managed to nickname her with the English name btw :)
    Oh I forgot I have to leave in a few min. I can trade in a few hours from now though, sorry for the waiting :( but I'll try to be here as soon as I can!
    That's wonderful. Cuts down the need for someone else to clone for you lol. Just tell me what you want and when we can trade.
    Someone else is breeding one for me. Forgot to mentioned this but someone already bred me a Curse/SR Corsola so you can stop if you want. I'll give you the Eevee plus one addition Pokemon for your troubles.
    Oh god it's been a while I can't find my save file :/ I'm looking like crazy but if I'm right I think I'll be able to name her with more than 5 letters but first i have to find that file
    Use the one in my Signature, and let me check if I can change her name because she is in a japanese version converted into an English version >_<
    Well personally I like dive ball because I think she is actually on a pink scratched suit and that her real skin is blue xD
    I'm not looking for something in particular right now but you can give me anything you want, I can get the kecleon later ;)
    Yeah that's ok, I'll trade with Diabolico first though but I'll be on wifi when I finish with him :)
    If there's a really good Adamant one then I'm fine with it, but I'd prefer Jolly.
    Actually, could you do a Croconaw for me? Jolly, 20+/28+/20+/x/x/28+ in Great Ball? Again, lenient on IVs.
    If you don't battle it in Phenac, you can SR it later (Snagem Hideout or Shadow Mon Lab). If you battle and kill it, its IVs are locked.
    Well, as you can se in my thread I use an emulator. This means I have acces to save states. Save states are basically save games inside of the game, that allow me to go back to them instantly without reloading the game, while at the same time storing all original seeds aswell. It really makes the RNGing go a lot smoother.
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