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  • btw if you use roserade, toxic spikes is more viable and less niche. It doesn't need to compete as much with ferro.
    Sunny Day Venusaur controls weather like no other pokemon. It is easily the best chlorophyll user on a sun team.

    Sunny Day LO Venusaur is even better than LO Roserade on a non sun team too.
    Toxic Spikes has been successful occassionally for some players. I don't mind depending on Blast or Stone Edge because even if they miss, I usually still win a lot. I usually have a backup plan and I remain very calm and don't panic if they miss.

    Watch this please. You will understand what true pressure looks like.:)
    Why did you delete my message before? Not like its a problem or anything, but it just seemed odd.

    Yeah Ice Beam is good. I'd try it. I'd also go Psychic on Kazam. If you send me the team in private chat, I will let you know if the EVs and moves seem correct.
    1. Fire Blast is nice to have, but its not something you use too often.

    2. Even if you use Naive, its still weak.

    3. Mence and Garchomp are among the bulkiest sweepers available... and they have great resists. Why compromise that when you have 5 other teammates to handle things you may Fire Blast?

    Yeah, its good that you understand those 3 points now. :P

    Of course there could be an exception if you are extremely weak to a certain threat, but -SpA Chomp or Mence are just better in general.
    I guess so. Use whatever you feel like. Mix and match. Teambuilding takes a lot of work and effort.

    I still haven't finished a lot of my teams out of laziness.
    Magnezone is better. I don't care if its cuter. Leftovers and more power is important. Focus on making your win ratio better, not more gimmicky.

    Magneton can be niche or useful, but focus on becoming a good player first. Don't try to do too many things at once. Scarf Magneton can outrun +1 dragonite or Starmie. Eviolite Magneton is slightly bulkier and faster than normal Magnezone, but loses Leftovers and is weaker.

    Yache Garchomp is a great standalone pokemon.
    Won locals with Six Samurai today. Went 4-1 in the swiss. I beat Heroes, a Six Samurai mirror match, a Machina Gadget deck, Inzektor, and lost to a Gladiator Beast deck.

    In the semi finals I beat a Mermail deck. I opened up with Gateway all 3 games. He was mad and thought I cheated. Although that wasn't true. I was just really lucky, and if I were to stack my deck, I would stack it differently.

    Then I split for first place. :)
    If atk isn't needed 31/06/30/31/31/31 OT WIN2011
    I think if have a calm hp ice already
    If atk is needed it will be a week after chansey
    best way to beat sub cm latias is to force it out with steel types which can threaten it. or pokemon which dgf about it like tyranitar.

    celebi works too, and i kind of like him better on that team. it has actual bulk which you need, especially since you run alakazam i guess. good for landorus i too
    Perish Song sucks for the most part. It delays the problem rather than actually killing it.

    I only use Perish Song on dedicated stall teams for last mon set-uppers. Even then its dead weight vs the non niche threats which are not sub cm latias.
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