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  • Hello, I'm Arcticblast, Pokemon Showdown! moderator and maker of subpar posts. Advertising your own forum is against the rules here.

    I'm very sorry.
    sorry we got off on the wrong foot, thanks for deleting your comment. I was just poking fun at the fact that you obviously did not read what you were copying and pasting into the VM. If you want to get a ton of people to go to your site, you probably at least need to fill in the blanks.
    So once again, what is special about your site, why should I join?
    (if you take my type?)
    BA is nice, he was just asking what it had compared to Smogon. But I'd be interested to join. :)
    Hello, I'm Clacla, Super Moderator at The Pokemon District, a new Pokemon forum. We are looking for active members, so please join, you'd like it there We have a wide variety to offer (list what we offer and mention the Pokeventures system in works.) then state that we are a very friendly and welcoming community. . To join, follow the link in my sig, or this image.
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