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  • Oh, I get it now. I thought a Sitrus Berry activated at like 30% HP or something. Well, thanks! My EVs are still better though lol.
    Sorry, but I don't get why you oppose my Linoone set over yours. I'm not having a go at you, I'd just like to see the reasoning. Belly Drum cuts 50% of the health, Sitrus Berry activates because of Gluttony, and unless you have Haunter / Regirock / Bastiodon / Sawk (If Stealth Rocks are not up) or their opening attack does more than 80% damage, they're dead.
    Hey, I was just wondering, you should implement the GP check so this can be passed soon
    Ok, we let your Beartic reservation stay, but you're not allowed to reserve any more analyses until all 4 have passed QC (which is Linoone and Beartic, right?).
    hey col49, are you still interested in drifblim? cause if you dont have enough time to work on it, i'd be happy to help! :)
    Don't forget you still have the RU Drifblim analysis to work on! (If you want me to take it over, I can)
    I am sending you an invite to my group. It can really benefit for having a great Team rated like you.
    Can I have an invite too please?
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