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  • I am eternally grateful to you for creating a community I love and respect. Thanks, Cooper.
    I think that's the last horse to cross the finish line for the "old LC forum frequenters getting badges" race
    "I don't understand. What is it in SMBC that you can never understand Cooper? It only takes a general knowledge of the subject matter to know what is going on." ~vonfielder
    More or less this cooper. You don't have to be a graduate student in biology to know what a phenotype is.. you have to have finished grade 11 biology. Maybe you're right, I'm not "enough of a social psychologist to comment on multiple points of contextualization." But I don't need to really understand "multiple points of contextualization" for the comic to be funny. Anyways, that comic kind of falls into your first category of smbc (funny because it's true) in my opinion. For the most part my small amount of science education is enough to make me at least get the jokes. I find them consistently funny. Your second post just solidified that, because all those comics were good.
    You're right, my tone was too hostile. But I'm not entirely sure why you took it so personally.
    Hey Cooper. When do your finals end? We're kinda losing pace and need to finish up soon!
    As for CAP leadership, yeah I was the primary driving force for a very long time. I ran the CAP server for years, and built the CAP website, and instituted most of the major policies and rules and all that. But last year, I took over from chaos as the head admin of Smogon overall. So, doing that job has really pulled me away from the day-to-day of CAP. And the CAP project is mature enough now, that it doesn't really require an admin to hover over it all the time. The CAP mods have a good handle on things, and the project has huge participation. I still participate in things, but I intentionally don't insert myself in the decision-making, because I want the mods to run the show as much as possible.

    I hope you get back involved. CAP still has lots of noobs and frustrating discussions. But, it's also a lot of fun. We just finished the first CAP for the 5th gen, so it's the perfect time to jump back in!
    Yeah, CAP has grown quite a bit since you were last involved. But I still remind people that you were the original spark for the whole thing! In fact, I was interviewed in The Smog a while back and I mentioned you in the article. Look up back issues of The Smog in the interviews, if you're interested.
    Hey, don't mean to bother you, but I'm in need of someone to help me Rare Candy some pokemon to lv 100 so I can actually have 5th gen 6v6 battles. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I suppose I could make it worth your while if you want payment.
    I'm trying to get new moves to consistently work on my server. You know what I'm hosting right?
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