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  1. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    hi please draw all the pokemon in great detail standing in a field and all have cowboy hats and cowboy boots and all are in the desert and seviper is the sheriff please.
  2. Uber Crazy: An Uber Warstory

    yo cool story also evalentino is mad cool he gave me advice about girls!!
  3. Turn XIII (OU Warstory)

    cool but you should have charizard instead of skarmory and cressalia instead of infernape
  4. smogon tshirts

    they should have a shirt that says pokemon rocks!
  5. The Dragons be leaving (OU RMT)

    i'd say have heatran because jirachi and celebi are mad weak to fire moves so have a heatran. also scizor is mad good even though its not the original 151 that's okay so yeah replace jirachi with scizor and dragonite with heatran.
  6. Terrible sets

    Yes, Salamence is ordinarily faster but not when Torkoal has a Scarf. This Torkoal can take one of any of Salamence's hits (barring +2 EQ's, but Salamence should be fainted before he gets to +2). As far as Trick, I've been using it on Shoddy, so maybe it's just a mistake on there? If so I will...
  7. Terrible sets

    Torkoal (OU) I've been playing with this OU Torkoal set for a while and it functions in four specific ways. Fortunately, nearly any team needs these four functions and Torkoal can come in and easily do the job. Please help me clean this up, and tell me if you need anymore details. [SET]...
  8. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 24 (READ THE OP)

    can a special specs fearow OHKO standard ledian with hidden power steel and if not is there any alternative that i can use to check standard ledian?