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  • Ok I think that I'll be available, I'll leave now to give a class but I'll be back in about 1 hour and a half.
    3rd time's the charm :). I'll get this cloned and be back ASAP, but it will still probably be a few minutes.
    So true... I'm re-entering again. Xbox live doesn't do this crap lol. Why can't your WiFi be that reliable, nintendo?!?
    I once spent 20 minutes trying to get a connection to work before I found out that 9 times out of 10, the solution is as simple as never getting on WiFi without the C-gear on. Oh and look lol, right as I say that it freezes again. Haha :P!
    Turn off voice chat lol :P. And it's no problem, the code is only like 8 lines, it wont take me too long.
    I'll see you on as soon as I get the code entered and tested. My friend code is in my sig. And it will take longer than normal for me to clone it, as the DS in which my AR works can't get on the internet, and the 3DS that can get on the internet cannot use the AR O.o
    Yes, it is on BW. We can trade for the shaymin, but it will take a few minutes for me to get it transferred. Also, my flashcart that I used for cloning is officially dead as a door nob, although I did finally get my AR updated so that it will work on BW. Just let me enter the cloning code and test it out first :). So if you are ok with me using an AR to clone, I'll see you on in a few!
    Sorry, I was busy earlier. I can trade now (if you are still on) or almost any time tomorrow. Just VM me to let me know!
    Sorry pippo, I cannot trade right now... it's a busy week for me. Unless you can use files, I'll beg you to wait a little longer. I'll probably be available tomorrow
    Gee, I'm from California. It's 8:30 PM here! It's funny how technology makes the world so small. You'll probably have to contact me in about say 12 hours.
    It's not Sassy, I only list pokemon I have except for some that aren't my own. I didn't get Sassy since finding hexflawless shiny seeds is long and grueling >_<

    So wanna give a name to my riolu?
    That's awesome. I don't have an HP fire rotom, it'd be good for Ferrothorn. I generally use HP ice since I like to revenge dragons.
    You should get the one you want more. I'm just saying. I mean, you won the giveaway, get what you like in there.
    I'm sorry for the trade i had to do today, but internet didnt worked!
    I'll make them all tomorrow (Tuesday)!
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