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  • Hey we're paired for CAP Equilibra Tourney -- when can you play? My week is gonna suck for scheduling, ngl. I'm not available all weekend (Friday - Sunday), so we should either do something over the next few days, or the Monday/Tuesday afterwards.
    you were tagged again as an unplayed match you should prob post be @ hosts if you’re lookinh here i lost
    We battle for UU Grand Slam, I am good most days except sunday I am EST timezone and I would like to play after Noon if possible. Message me times so we can pick a date
    We have to play for BW PU cup, I'm GMT +1 and available on weekend and mondays. Let me know when you want to get it done.
    hey, I just wanted to tell you that the formatting for your spl signups is wrong. Look at the main post to see how to properly format it. Proper formatting is important or else the bot won't put you in the large spreadsheet
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