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  • Black fc: 1334-4112-9350

    Note: you do not have trade rights on this
    Yeah hop on Wifi. Just so you know it's careful I made it that way for the bulk but it can still run traditional sets, but you can also run bulkier ones if you please.
    I have a terrakion I can give you if you like em bulky that is.

    Also no Idk who has them, Sorry.
    That's fine I won't be able to trade till tomorrow, hope that's ok with you.
    Sorry for the wait. :( Mother's day. :p
    Anyways, I can meet you in the Wi-Fi room right now if you're ready.
    Hold on, I'll have to catch you later. I have some family business to take cae of. I have it ready though.
    Okay! I had to get the Gible since I was holding onto 5 Duskull eggs, so I can trade you now if you'd like. :P

    My FC is 1721-2068-7091
    and yours?
    (In case you missed the PM. :p

    Hey there Dawson!
    I notice you are looking for an Outrage Gible? Well, I have recently bred a Jolly 31 / 31 / 27 / 30 / 21 / 30 Gible with Outrage, and thought you may really want it. It'd be great stat-wise so you don't have to breed it, but you can also use it as a great father since it's Male (Egg moves ftw!). Anyways, PM or VM me if you're interested in it/ It's fresh from the egg, so it's UT at level 1. Unless you have a spare hex-flawless Nattorei / Teshiddo, or a flawless Sassy / Relaxed Ditto, you can have it for free. :)


    Edit:It's in 4th Gen, but I can Pokeshift it to B/W if you need.

    Here's the pokemon

    HP: 31
    Att: 31
    Def: 25
    SpA: 30
    SpD: 22
    Spe: 31
    Egg Move:Outrage

    Stats at level 100 (assuming 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe and as a Garchomp)
    I have a flawless timid Nasty Plot Togepi, whats up for offer for it?
    I can get you an outrage gible
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