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  • Okay, he said that we can find another ref. I reposted our match at the Battle Tower.
    The thing is, ASB Truant doesnt prevents you from attacking.

    When you have Truant, you are just limited, but you can still attack. Every action that Truant activates, you are able to use a move that costs 5 energy or less.
    Hey man, thats not how ASB Truant works.


    Type: Trait

    This Pokemon is naturally lazy, and becomes Sluggish after every normal action. This effect takes place after completing any normal (e.g. non-Sluggish) action. If this Pokemon uses a move that would inflict Sluggish, it instead becomes Exhausted for the next action. When Exhausted, its Confusion stage will not be checked and it will not hit itself in confusion during the second action. It recovers 3% energy when Exhausted. If this Pokemon uses a Combination, it becomes Sluggish or Exhausted on the action following the cooldown of the combination. Truant can be altered or shifted by Skill Swap, Role Play, Gastro Acid, or Mummy, but is not changed by Entrainment, Simple Beam, or Worry Seed.

    Pokemon with this ability: Slakoth, Slaking, Durant.
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