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  • Seriously stop calling me ignorant as I'm verry intelligent. You want to see ignorance how bout you go and look what the "average " classes in America look like. They think the north American continent is U.S.A. I'm not that. Just because your I'm from a foreign land doesn't mean Im stupid. Far from that. I'm sure from your description of your location that your from Asia, most likely China and frankly I don't care for stereotypes held by my nation. So thank you for your comment. Not to be mean to all those people but it's true.
    We are opponents in the Battle Tower Tournament. What time will work for to battle? What time zone are you in?
    Tower Tourney Participant,

    Now that we have reached the desired number of contestants it is officially time to begin Round One of the Tournament to decide the Salon Master. To advance you must defeat your opponent in however many battles you agree on. First goes or best out of three does not matter as long as the two of you have agreed on it before hand.
    Save replays of your battles in the event that a disagreement breaks out and the battle will need to be reviewed.
    Round One will last for two weeks. Have your battles done by then or you will be disqualified. Post in the thread that will be alloted to Round One that you have contacted your opponent before you battle as is standard Smogon Tournamen procedure. However, if there are circumstances that make this deadline impossible, let me know and I will be happy to adjust.

    Good Luck!
    Dark Pulse,

    Welcome to the Frontier! All the rules and things you need to know regarding the functioning of the Frontier are in the General Announcements. We are working on figuring out our Brains currently, starting with the Tower. Since the Tower will be an OU venue, there is an OU Tournament taking place to decide the Brain. Even if OU is not your strongest tier I still recommend you join the Tournament as it is great practice!

    Again, welcome!
    I had denied it because I saw the "view conversation" button and thought you didnt block out your chat - because I see no need to become friends with someone I dont know, and blocking people is cowardice

    I only go on DN on wekends due to university crushing every minute I have. I'm Dr. Chapatín there and run Dark Simorgh and Dark World.
    By chance can you code or do anything for a site? Like write some articles or whatnot? I think you may actually like what we do. Contact this user called Golden Piloswine.
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